A shelving unit into planter boxers (Google / Living in the O)

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Turning a shelving unit into planter boxers as we prepare our winter garden

Though I’ve found little time for blogging in the past month, I have found time to dedicate to at least one non-work, non-political activity – gardening.

I’ve been gardening for several years now. First at my wife’s parents house, in their huge back yard (we built many raised beds and a chicken coop – it was a huge undertaking). Then on our apartment’s balcony. And a year and a few months ago we moved our container garden to our new home, with much more space, and we added several larger containers.

But over all of those years, gardening was just another thing I did – something I enjoyed and that kept me busy and sometimes distracted. I can’t explain what happened to me this spring, but something changed and gardening is now a way of life for me. It’s integral to my daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

Whatever happened, I couldn’t be happier about it, and neither could my garden. Caring for it several hours a week has paid off. We haven’t bought lettuce in months. We probably bought about half the tomatoes this summer as we usually do. As of a couple of weeks ago, our radish harvest has become so abundant and regular that we’ll probably never have to buy radishes again (and we eat a lot of radishes). And whenever I’m low on produce, I just go outside and pick some. It’s pretty phenomenal.

With this week of heat, our summer fruits are very happy. These tomatoes have finally started to ripen (I’ll get to pick them this weekend!):




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