Recycled Plastic Bottle Gardening (Master Garden Products / Willem Van Cotthem)

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Recycled Plastic Bottle Gardening

Here are some general ideas on Recycled Plastic Bottle Vegetable Gardening, more and more successful for food production in the dry lands, for combating desertification, fight hunger and for growing plants in urban areas. Plastic bottles are everywhere, from the far away desert and the highest mountain in the world, the Himalayans, if we can get this ideals to the people who are lacking the food, we can help them to reduce hunger, educating the children, reduce plastic waste, and most important of all, letting know always there is a solution and future if there there is a will.

Unlimited possibilities

When the ability to garden is limited by different factors, like available space or drought in the dry lands, then consider container gardening. The simple concept of growing plants in pots or even in plastic bottles or plastic shopping bags, offers a variety of ways to enjoy gardening and produce plants in the most difficult circumstances. All you are looking for is: some containers (see below), the right growing medium, the right choice of plants (seeds, seedlings or young plants) and a window, a balcony, a porch or an open area, preferably with a sunny and a shady part. In these mini-gardens one can easily control the type and condition of the soil and pest control is easier since one can isolate the infected plants.



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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.