Automatic system of irrigation ensures plants won’t dry out (Google / Arizona Daily Star)

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Try no-fuss way to water plants

Elena Acoba Special To The Arizona Daily Star

If watering your potted plants is becoming a chore, consider putting them on an automatic irrigation system.

It’s especially lifesaving in the summer when gardeners don’t often venture outdoors to water plants, says Marylee Pangman, owner of The Contained Gardener.

“They could die in a day of missed watering,” she says.

Properly installed systems also ensure that plants are watered deeply enough and throughout the soil.

Water needs of potted plants differ from plants in the ground, so Pangman recommends a separate dedicated line for them.

“You don’t worry about how many gallons per hour is going in,” she says. “What we want is to saturate the soil all the way through so it runs out the bottom.”

That could take no more than 10 minutes, far less than ground watering.

And because soil in pots dry out quickly, you’ll want to irrigate more often than for plants in the ground.

Here are Pangman’s other tips for using an automatic irrigation line:



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