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Ideas for Creating a Vintage Container Garden

Indoor and Outdoor Display Options

Crystal Ray, Yahoo! Contributor Network

A container garden can be created with just about anything that can hold soil, and the planters can range from pots especially for plants to repurposed items. A vintage garden of planters is charming both indoors and out. Discarded accessories from the kitchen or garden shed can be used to grow and display a wide variety of annuals, perennials, succulents and houseplants. Use these ideas for creating a vintage container garden, and even if it consists of just a few unique planters, the arrangement will look fantastic when cleverly arranged.

Turn Vintage Metal Flour Sifters into Planters

Vintage metal flour sifters that no longer work well are worth saving for an indoor display. Instead of displaying them alone, create a colorful container garden that will look great in the kitchen. Fill the sifters with rich organic soil. They will provide the perfect amount of drainage. Add ivy, baby’s tears or herbs of your choice. Since some of the soil will undoubtedly fall through the sifters, place them on decorative tray that has been sealed to prevent water damage. Place the tray on a sunny kitchen counter. It will add beauty and appeal to a kitchen that already possesses old fashioned charm.

Use a Variety of Metal Watering Cans

Metal watering cans of various sizes and shapes can be used to create a lovely vintage container garden. Shop online and at local flea markets for old sprinkling cans. Add drainage holes if they will never be used for their intended purpose. Otherwise, add a layer of stone that will provide a collection space for excess water. When filled with flowers or herbs and collectively displayed, they will look fantastic on a porch, deck, balcony or patio.

Create a Vintage Container Garden with Old Crocks



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