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A Gardener’s Diary: Potatoes will grow anywhere

Even if you only have a small garden or a balcony,  the good news is that you can still grow potatoes successfully. You can grow potatoes in any large container that has good drainage. If your potatoes sit in water, they will rot.

I don’t use garden soil in my containers because of the clay content of our soil, and also garden soil compacts too much in containers. Use a high quality potting mix. I add compost to mine and slow release organic fertilizer. I also feed my plants with fish fertilizer and compost tea as they grow.

Some people wait for their potatoes to sprout before planting and others just plant them. If they are small you don’t have to cut them but if you do, make sure they have at least two eyes on each piece of potato.

The plants can grow quite large so make sure you have a fair size pot. I was given a special container which is 15 inches (38cm) wide and 18 inches (45cm) deep specially for potato growing. It has holes for drainage and little pockets down the sides for “stealing” some early crop. I already have four plants waiting for transplants which I will put in it.



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Willem Van Cotthem

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