Start your own garden in the city

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Raised beds in town

4 Tips for Starting Your Own Urban Garden

by Julie Malone


Tips for beginning small-space or urban gardeners:

1. Familiarize yourself with the square-foot gardening method. There’s Mel’s book, of course, but also many helpful books on container gardening for urban areas. Books can be basically life changing in helping you visualize and execute the most “profitable” garden… Which brings me to…

2. Embrace staking methods. A more compact, full garden means everything must be trained to stay in its place. Try the “Florida weave” trellis method for keeping up larger top-heavy plants, such as tomatoes. Smaller stakes and twine will work for eggplant and peppers, which tend to tilt toward their fruits. Vertically strung jute is great for climbing beans.

3. Embrace mistakes. You’ll learn a lot more this way, and it’s more fun to laugh off failed efforts than to get frustrated. Plus, it’s rare that even the worst blunders will yield absolutely nothing (so munch while you laugh!).

4. Embrace your favorites. Keep planting these year after year so that while you may or may not have success with experimental new plants, you’ll always have your efforts rewarded.

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