You will love your own ginger

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Grow Ginger Indoors

by nichegardening (via a message of Carole Smith at Google+)

VIDEO: How I grew ginger in a container

If you are considering container gardening and want to start now during the winter,  one of the best plants to grow would be ginger. It is super easy to grow and really tastes great as a condiment. Ginger also has medicinal uses. I primarily use it for car sickness and to add to dishes for flavor. One of the side benefits from growing ginger is the beautiful flower it produces!


How to plant ginger

The best ginger to plant is purchased from a garden center or seed catalog. You’ll have much better luck if you get seed ginger that was meant to be planted. However, ginger can be hard to find from garden suppliers, especially locally. Ginger purchased from the produce department of your local grocery store can be used to grow a plant, but with spotty results. Grocery store ginger is often sprayed with a growth inhibitor to keep it from sprouting before…


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