Succulents for an indoor garden

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Grow Succulents as Houseplants

With their striking architectural forms and varying shades of green, succulents make a refreshing addition to the indoor garden. Though they possess a reputation of being fussy and hard to care for indoors, they’re actually easy to grow as houseplants.

“Succulents make some of the best houseplants,” says Marianne Hugo, an indoor gardener who creates succulent arrangements and works as a volunteer at The Coastkeeper Garden, which focuses on native and drought tolerant landscapes. “Succulents are tolerant and will grow in just about any home,” she says. “They also make great decorator pieces.”

Photo: Julie Bawden-Davis

(Photo: Julie Bawden-Davis)

Hugo thinks that succulents have a reputation of being difficult to grow as houseplants, because many people drown them. “There is only one reason a succulent you’re growing indoors dies and that’s overwatering,” she says, noting that signs of overwatering include a mushy base and squishy foliage, as well as the presence of fungus gnats, which thrive in wet soil.

Hugo advises only watering succulents every 2 to 4 weeks when grown indoors and to mist them with a spray bottle rather than directly wetting the soil. Spray until water begins to drip from the leaves.

To have the best of luck growing succulents indoors, also keep the following tips in mind.

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