Spring is Sneaking in~

See what one can do with an old wash tub

speckled hen

jelly jars and washtub spring 003

Inspired by the Spring edition of Country Gardens magazine, I decided to freshen up my winter porch with dash of color in my old wash tub.  The wash tub sits in the corner of our porch, right by the front door.  Through the holidays we layer evergreen boughs and pinecones just to keep it from looking like a tub of dirt.  This year husband Doug even wound a string of twinkly lights around it.  But now, even though it is still January, spring is sneaking in.  The days are a tiny bit longer, and when the sun chases the rain to the coast, I feel like gardening.  In the Pacific Northwest, there are a few flowers that can take our temperature swings, plus the garden I will plant today has the benefit of sheltering porch.

jelly jars and washtub spring 004  I chose hardy primrose and narcissus, my favorite, tete~a~tete mini daffodils.  The rosy color of the prims and…

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