From bottles and tins

Photo credit: The Times of India

3 ideas for container gardening

by Purvaja Sawant,TNN


1. Used water bottles are great recycled objects in which you can grow a plant. Be creative and go for bottles in unique shapes, sizes as well as colours. You can hang these in your terrace, outside the door or even inside your bedroom. Smaller bottles are ideal for growing seedlings, while larger bottles make excellent pots for flowering plants. Cut off the top of the bottle and make some holes at the bottom for water to drain.

2. Tin cans can also be converted fabulous plant pots. Drill holes in either side to pass wire or string through, or wrap around the can if it has a lip.

3. Since you have space constraints, you can grow tiny plants like herbs as they don’t grow too large. You can grow herbs like mint, coriander, basil etc. These can be also used in cooking.


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Willem Van Cotthem

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