Containers for your kitchen garden

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Small Garden Ideas – Urban Garden Container Growing


Kitchen garden container growing
You can grow delicious fresh fruit and vegetables in almost any container providing it has holes for drainage and can hold enough soil or compost to feed the plant you want to grow. Growing vegetables in containers is also a fantastic way for beginners to give vegetable growing a go before tackling a larger space. Pots and planters can be used to create dramatic and interesting effects with the endless variations of size and colour of both the planters and the plants they contain.

The range of vegetable planter options is vast ranging from old tin cans which can be used for compact salad crops, to metal or plastic buckets right up to more substantial timber raised beds or planters like those in the photo opposite. It is the variation in container growing which makes it so great, I have seen wonderful gardens created from all sorts of kooky items like old chimney pots, wooden wine boxes and fruit crates and even a salad garden growing in an old suitcase!

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Willem Van Cotthem

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