Growing herbs in containers

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How to grow container herbs and which are the best places to grow them


Few important things to consider when you plan on herb container gardening

Abundant sun shine should be available and if you are planning on having it indoors you will have to observe which the sunniest part in the house is and plan accordingly.

Herbs in pots -
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Decide which ones you want to start with, seeds or plants; both have their own plus points and drawbacks, weigh them carefully and then decide.

Ensure that your containers are of a good size and have holes to drain out surplus water if not your herbs will rot and die.

When it comes to soil, best is to use potting mix which is light and made of organic matter mostly like peat or composted plant matter.

Provide adequate water, fertilizers and pesticides that are devoid of chemicals as and when needed and groom your plants periodically and you will be surprised to see how well and how fast they can grow!

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Willem Van Cotthem

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