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These modular urban gardening growbeds water themselves

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One new urban gardening product that recently caught my eye is the Noocity GrowBed, which is basically a modular wicking bed, except that it’s made from lightweight materials (not old pallets), it can be flat-packed for shipping, requires no tools for assembly, and it’s designed to be able to be joined with other units to get the most growing area in a limited space.

Roof garden with Noocity Growbeds -
Roof garden with Noocity Growbeds –

Because a wicking bed is self-watering, these garden beds can maintain optimal moisture levels in the soil automatically and could go for up to 3 weeks without watering (although I’ve never met a gardener yet who can go more than a day without looking at their garden, so unless you leave town, that’s a bit of a stretch).

Noocity is billing these as “the world’s ultimate urban gardening system.” I don’t know about that, but if you can get past the superlatives, their design might be worth a closer look:

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