Let kids grow their own strawberries

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Get Kids to Grow for It!
Start them off with strawberries this spring, in a patch or pot

Get kids growing in the garden by starting them off planting their very own strawberries. You can engage them in the growing process and let them plant and care for a whole patch, or just one or two plants, planted in a strawberry jar or garden container. They’ll love digging in the dirt and getting their hands dirty.

Then show them how to properly care for and water their home-grown, sweet and tasty treats. A fun way to encourage them to take ownership of the plants and nurture them is to buy them their very own watering can and kid’s size shovel. Don’t forget to show kids how to pinch off plant runners, which will allow for larger sized berries. And of course, be sure they’re doing the harvesting so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor!

You’ll find most kids enjoy helping in the garden, for a number of reasons; they’re allowed to get dirty, they get some good outdoor exercise and healthy sunshine, and they will actually learn and understand, first hand, where their food comes from. Within the gardening process, they’ll also gain a good sense of nurture, nature and responsibility.

Kids will love watching their strawberries grow, they’ll see flowers bloom, garden bees, and fruit develop and turn color. After developing a sense of ownership of their plants, they will especially love eating the sweet fruits they grew themselves.

Tips to ensure strawberry success:

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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.