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An “Air Plant”

Beautiful Indoor Terrarium Plants

Terrariums are an attractive source of creating greenery inside your house. They reflect a serene look providing your home pleasing attire. Not only that but also planting terrariums is a fun job, especially the indoor ones. You can involve your kids in this activity as this would promote a sense of gardening in them.

Closed terrariums hardly require water and can grow without much look after for years. You might want to keep a few things in mind while planting terrariums. For indoor plants, It will be wise to select plants that can bear moisture or humid temperatures. In addition to that, these plants should be able to survive low or indirect light.

If might want to choose plants that are smaller in size while planting terrariums indoors. Make sure they don’t touch the sides of the containers.

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How about we give you a list of beautiful indoor terrarium plants and make it easy for you to select from one of them. Choose from any of these petite beauties to add grace to your house.

Easy terrariums

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