Colour on balconies, decks and porches

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Railing planters filled with colorful combinations add interest to balconies, decks and porches /Gardener’s Supply Co.

Plant variety of outdoor containers to enhance the view

Brighten up your patio, deck or front entrance with containers. They’re an excellent way to add color, fragrance and beauty where plantable space is limited or nonexistent.

Set a few containers on the front or back steps, in the corner of your deck or any location where they can be enjoyed. Try stacking and planting several containers to create a display with greater vertical interest. Check the views when looking from inside the house as well as when outdoors. Strategically place containers to be spotted from frequently used windows.

Save even more space by using railing planters. You can dress up the porch or deck by filling these planters with colorful flowers and edibles. Carefully inspect a product to make sure it is sturdy and will be easily installed given your property’s specifics. Reduce time spent installing and maintaining with easy-to-install self-watering rail planters, like Viva balcony rail planters from or metal English troughs at Home Depot and other local retailers.

Don’t limit yourself to flowers. Mix in a few edibles to bring some homegrown flavor to outdoor entertaining. You and your guests will enjoy plucking a few mint leaves for beverages, basil to top a slice of pizza or a sprig of dill for just-grilled fish.

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