Every home can have a touch of greenery

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Farmers Market Garden Center’s Geri Edwards demonstrates how easy it is to put together a couple of plants for a small container garden.

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Create drama and impact with limited space

by EMILY STEELE H&R Staff Writer

If you have images of lush greenery, juicy tomatoes, butterflies and hummingbirds, but your small or nonexistent yard doesn’t allow for it, a container garden may be the answer.

From pots big enough to hold trees, to rooting a plant in a cup of water, every home can have a touch of greenery without committing to a large-scale garden.

Master Gardener Ruth Milhauser said a lot of container gardening comes down to how much sun is available, the size of the container and how often you’re willing to water.

“Think about how much time you have to water. You want to make sure that the pot is big enough that you don’t have to water it multiple times a day in the summer,” Milhauser said. “The smaller the pot the less moisture you have.”

When buying plants, whether in a seed package or a seedling, she said to do some research before and at the store. Check plant tags for clues on sun and space requirements. Many are marked specifically as container varieties with names such as “dwarf” or “patio.” Drought resistant plants also can be a good pick because they need less watering.

“You have to know go into it knowing that it’s a little bit of an experiment, but it’s fun to do that,” Milhauser said.


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