Increased interest in container gardening

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It’s still possible to grow your own produce or create a miniature escape into nature when living in a small space, through a container-based garden. (MCT Photo)

Unlock the ability to garden anywhere

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Iowa State University Extension horticulturist Richard Jauron does not have official statistics to back up his observations, but feels container gardening is growing in popularity.

“It allows people to garden anywhere,” he said. “Even if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space.”

Containers work well for growing any type of annual flower and many different types of vegetables.

Jody Cink, owner of Country Gardens in Wesley, has also noticed an increased interest in container gardening.

“It seems to be the most popular right now,” she said. “Weeding is not a big issue with container gardens.”

Below are a few tips needed to get started.

Selecting a container:

The first step is selecting a container. Jauron recommends finding something with drainage holes in the bottom. Once that requirement is met, options are nearly endless.

“A container can be plastic, clay, ceramic, or wood,” Jauron said. “I typically use plastic because the containers are inexpensive and won’t break.”

Containers should be a suitable size for the plant. Some tomato plants for instance require additional space because of the plant’s growth potential. A good rule to follow for a standard tomato plant is four-gallons worth of container for every plant.

Watering container gardens:


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