Novel “potscaping” ideas

Photo credit: Montreal Gazette

Mireille Dubuc at the Botanical Garden: she replaces or at least refreshes her flower pots several times as the growing season progresses.

Marie-France Coallier / Montreal Gazette

Beyond geraniums: the flowerpot gets a makeover

Susan Semenak, Montreal Gazette
Susan Semenak, Montreal Gazette

by Susan Semenak, Montreal Gazette

Geraniums have taken over the balcony. There they are in window boxes, urns and terra cotta pots. In garden beds and patio planters.

According to Agriculture Canada, the ruffly leafed annuals are the main variety of potted plant produced in Canadian greenhouses (followed by poinsettias and chrysanthemums.)

It’s no wonder. They  are easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant, happy-coloured and for sale just about everywhere at planting time. But pelargoniums, as they are horticulturally known,  aren’t the only flowers that can spruce up the front entrance.

For inspiration, we brainstormed with three horticultural and design experts and came up with a few novel “potscaping” ideas. Some even include a geranium or two.

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