My square foot garden

Photo credit: Quickcrop

The Quickcrop Vegetable Garden in Early June 2015

It really is incredible how things burst into life when we get a bit of warmth and sunshine, my little plot is suddenly a very different different place. It was such a nice day yesterday that we took the camera and wandered round the garden while doing a few jobs here and there. I include the photos below with a few (hopefully) helpful tips.

The big success for me has been my square foot garden which you will have seen us build if you watched our new video. It is right outside the back door and is just the handiest thing for picking the bits and pieces we use every day.

The sheltered spot is also proving to be a bonus with crops being significantly further ahead than the main garden. For those of you with urban gardens I think this shows that if you get a good position a city plot can be a wonderfully productive oasis and in no way a poor cousin to larger rural gardens.
I have done zero maintenance on it since we planted up and it is already providing salad, spring onions and radishes with peas, beans and broccoli well on the way. Also, while my main garden has become hugely popular with slimy diners from miles around my kitchen beds with gravel surrounds remain pretty much weed and slug free.

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Willem Van Cotthem

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