Tips for gardening in small spaces

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4 Container Gardening Tips For People Who Want To Exercise Their Green Thumb, But Don’t Have Much Space


There’s a lot to be said about growing a container garden at home. In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, Mary attempts to cure the frustration of her new, grey life on the moors by asking, ever so gently, “Might I have a bit of Earth?” Having a garden in your home is in no way a luxury reserved for those lucky enough to have their own yard, or an estate filled with a maze of hidden outdoor space, in Mary’s case.

Call it common sense or laziness, but my favorite things to grow at home are things I frequently leave the house to purchase. That means tons of herbs and hot peppers. Growing herbs in your apartment is doubly wonderful, because the quality and flavor that you’ll get from freshly cut herbs is unmatched, even compared to what you’d find at a farmers’ market.

A hot pepper plant purchased this week at your local nursery could be fruiting and bringing its spice to your kitchen as early as September. Growing live plants in your home contributes positively to your mood and attention span, and growing plants that you can eat saves you money at the grocery store.

So, how can you have your own bountiful and nearly effortless garden in your small space?

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Willem Van Cotthem

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