Some do it in glass containers (terrariums)

Photo credit: * Terrarium – Cloches – Photo Personal Garden Coach – 420426_10150611853419584_269973274583_9088575_1777227106_n.jpg


Terrariums offer introduction to gardening, extend season


Those over 40 can’t help but look around and see reminders of the 1970s: clothes and furniture in big bold prints, the rust, green, and gold tones of that time, the occasional Pet Rock, and even terrariums.

Otchids - * Terrarium - Phalaen,opsis - Photo Pinterest - 189573465534681854_6RsiiCLG_f.jpg
Otchids – * Terrarium – Phalaen,opsis – Photo Pinterest – 189573465534681854_6RsiiCLG_f.jpg

Wait … terrariums?

Yes, terrariums, and they’ve grown in popularity and are much like most of us remember them: glass containers that are sometimes enclosed and sometimes not, with tiny plants growing out of dirt with little stones or pebbles on top.

“They’ve made a comeback in the last two years,” said Mary Machon, the owner of Bensell Greehouse on Dorr Street in Toledo.

* Terrarium - Photo BHG - 101831979.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg
* Terrarium – Photo BHG – 101831979.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg

They’re a great way for gardeners to keep their thumbs green during the winter months, she said. They’re also a favorite way for parents and grandparents to introduce their little ones to gardening, she added.

Plus, students in classrooms and young people’s clubs, such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, take up terrarium projects to learn how plants grow and thrive, she noted.

* Terrarium - Photo Etsy - 283304632778770611_YAHGWHf8_c_3.jpg
* Terrarium – Photo Etsy – 283304632778770611_YAHGWHf8_c_3.jpg

“It’s affordable, and they are tiny,” Ms. Machon said of the little plants and their companion small glass containers. “It’s such a great project for kids. They get to touch plants. It’s an inexpensive way to start [youngsters] off, to get them interested in plants.”

* Terrarium - Photo ETSY - il_570xN.224308546.jpg
* Terrarium – Photo ETSY – il_570xN.224308546.jpg

Before discussing the containers and the types of plants that go inside them, let’s be clear about something: Fairy gardens and terrariums are terms that some use interchangeably because they think the small gardens are one in the same.

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