Herbs are among the most useful plants

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Gardening: From flavors to fragrances to cures, herbs deliver

Herbs are among the most useful plants in nature. They deliver flowers, flavors, fragrances and cures. They’re also good for repelling deer, attracting pollinators, clearing the air, freshening your breath and concocting beauty treatments.

Most are easy to grow, indoors or out. Herbs don’t require much space, and many thrive in dry conditions.

“These are really multi-purpose plants,” said Sue Goetz of Tacoma, Washington, author of “The Herb Lover’s Spa Book” (St. Lynn’s Press. 2015). “There is no other plant category with so much diversity.”

Herbs probably are best known for their culinary qualities, but using them for fragrance has captivated gardeners for thousands of years.

“Plant extracts were used in bathing, and for scenting and cleansing linens and clothes, the floors of homes, tiles, tents, horses and even the sails of ships,” Goetz said. “In Elizabethan times, aromatic herb waters and cut stems of plants were sprinkled on floors to mask unpleasant odors.”

There are more than 100 different herbs from which to choose. It all depends on what you want from them.

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Willem Van Cotthem

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