Planting bulbs and life after pests: October tips for balcony and urban gardeners

The Telegraph

26 OCTOBER 2019

Alice Vincent in her balcony garden

Been a bit of a damp squib, October. Seemingly relentless rain marking a premature end to many of late summer’s offerings, among them my white window box cosmos, which started the month off quite blowsy and bright and is now something of a straggle; I’ll pull it out soon enough, to make room for something else.

Among these downpours, there have been other small upsets on the balcony; namely, vine weevil. It was not my first experience of the notoriously container-prone pest, but arguably the most devastating: half a dozen once-prideful heucheras and tiarellas savaged from the roots up. 

Vine weevil are pernicious beasts, the kind of pest that casts a pall just by mentioning its name. I may have…


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Willem Van Cotthem

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