Thyme: a medicinal herb

Photo credit: Permaculture News

photo credit Lucie Bradley, Woodlands Community Gardens, Glasgow UK

Medicinal Plants in Permaculture……A Series of Monographs

by Lucie Bradley


The second in the series ‘Medicinal plants and Permaculture’ is the hardy and highly aromatic Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Although this time of year in the northern hemisphere is a slow one for plants, this herb is highly useful for winter ailments, for adults and children alike.

Considering stacking functions; as a vigorous perennial this plant also provides year-round ground cover and foliage through the long winter months even in the coldest climates. Whilst during the summer, it is adored bee fodder giving a distinctive flavour to the honey (1), a carpet of pretty delicate flowers and full aroma.

Like permaculture, herbal medicine forms part of a strategy that helps to build resilience and reduce disasters by maintaining a healthy, optimal equilibrium. A variety of herbs can be used through the year in advance of changing seasons to build resistance and immunity within the body.

Thyme is a great herb to use as a pre-cursor to the onset of winter, and through winter to maintain optimal health and well-being (although also highly useful at other times too, depending on the ailment and constitution of the individual).

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Marty WARE on Permaculture

I wanted to add something very exciting that has been around for sometime, but only until now due to the internet is it starting to get the recognition it deserves.

Permaculture is a sustainable food gardening practice that can be used in a large or small scale.
It’s all about building a mini eco systems that sustains itself into the future and produces an abundance of fresh organic food!
I want to share this article with you from Gardening Australia

Josh Burn lives in Western Australia and produces an abundance of food on his sandy soil in a suburban block!
Get inspired today and take a look at this wonderful article!

It covers everything from recycling, veggie gardening, keeping chooks, home nurseries and more.
You will love it!

Keep living sustainably and tell your friends!