Container Gardening (Fine Gardening)

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A container expert shares his secrets: In this special issue from Fine Gardening, top designer Scott Endres shows how to successfully plant spectacular containers.

No-fail techniques: It’s all here, from choosing the best plants for your area to graphic “recipes” that show you how to arrange them in pots, urns, window boxes, and baskets.

Scene stealers and problems solvers! See how containers can enhance your property with gorgeous splashes of color and solve typical challenges.

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Grow 125 annuals, perennials and vegetables from seed (Fine Gardening / The Taunton Press)

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Softcover magazine
Published 2010
Product #044023

An expert guide to growing from seed.
This special issue from Fine Gardening has all the answers for anyone who wants to start plants directly from seed — beginners to advanced gardeners, and even folks who never gardened before. The easy step-by-step instructions demystify the process and help you get the best possible results.

Trusted advice from Fine Gardening. This complete guide brings together the best, in-depth information and answers to the most-asked questions on all aspects of growing from seed. And no one provides more trusted advice than Fine Gardening. Our articles are written by top horticulturists, growers, plantsmen, and hands-on experts — and our staff includes many experienced gardeners, as well.

The basics and beyond. From starting old-fashioned annuals to growing the tastiest tomatoes, Starting from Seed covers the most popular plants to start from seed. Plus it helps you grow disease-free seedlings and learn how to successfully transplant and nurture them throughout the growing cycle. And it tells you all about the products you need — and which ones you don’t.

A great way to save! These days everyone is thinking: value. With this guide, you can save big by growing your own instead of purchasing starter trays of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and tomatoes. With help from this information-packed guide, you can save money, grow more plants at less cost, acquire plants, like wildflowers, that are hard to find or unavailable at nurseries.

Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own! BUY NOW.

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Starting from seed — no longer a mystery! Our special issue delivers everything you need to successfully start annuals, perennials, and veggies directly from seed — plus how to nurture, transplant, and keep them disease free. We even show you how to successfully use those handy new seed blocks!

Grow more, pay less! Save big by growing your own instead of purchasing flats. Plus you can now grow hard-to-find plants, like wildflowers and heirloom annuals, that are seldom found at nurseries. Your savings will more than cover the low $7.99 price.

helping development projects with a gift book (Willem Van Cotthem)


Do you already have an ADENIUM Gift Book?

In 1999 I published a unique book together with Marleen Van Lancker (Merelbeke, Belgium) well known for her flower arrangements: it’s called ADENIUM.

It turned out to be an impressive gift book with dozens of colour charts of superb flower creations, made by Marleen and ordered according to the 4 seasons. As a botanist I gave a description of the family of plants with every arrangement in 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and German.

Photo Kurt Dekeyzer

The family of plants was selected according to one of the species of plants found in the flower arrangement.  With some of the families of plants I put in a drawing, featuring a certain species of this family. This way the book turned out to be also a valuable guideline to the botanic knowledge of people having an interest in flower arrangements.

Here are a couple of drawings featuring a specific species of the family of plants concerned.

As there are still a small number of copies of ADENIUM available, Marleen and I decided to offer the book at a bargain price. A considerable part of the money collected this way will be used for supporting some of our development projects of “Seeds for Food” (see

Do not hesitate and get to know this unique offer, a wonderful gift for people of all ages. For you it’s a splendid gift, for us a means to lay out new family gardens and school gardens. We count on you all!

Copies can be ordered at the exceptional price of 40 EUR (original price 65 EUR) by bank transfer on account nr:

IBAN     BE 12 29OO199697 92
Van Goethemstraat 45

After receipt of your remittance the book will be sent to you by registered mail.

If you buy one or more books, you automatically support our developing projects. I rely on the support of many people until stocks are totally depleted.

Dryland Gardening is Focus of New Book (Google / PR-Canada)

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Dryland Gardening is Focus of New Book

Written by Editor Choice
Sunday, 05 October 2008
Low-Water Gardening—It’s Not All Cactus And Palms.

Creating gardens in the desert landscape of the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area can be trying. Wind, heat, sand, and a dozen other factors must be considered, and then solved or mitigated, before plants will grow. While milder parts of California grow gardens so easily that books are hardly needed, low desert gardening is a whole new world where residents need help, and lots of it.

In a new book from Sunbelt Publications, Palm Springs-Style Gardening, desert gardening guru Maureen Gilmer shows how outdoor desert gardens may be designed to enhance the appeal of many diverse architectural styles. By choosing plants naturally adapted to the climate—whether natives or plants from faraway desert regions of Africa, Australia, Mexico, or South America—the homeowner is freed from a demanding maintenance regime, and reduces the use of that ever-scarce resource, water. The book’s lush pages reveal a wide variety of desert plants that shower the landscape in candy-bright blossoms, interesting textures, and sculptural forms. Continue reading Dryland Gardening is Focus of New Book (Google / PR-Canada)

‘Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children’ by Tina Davis (Google / LA Times)

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‘Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children’ by Tina Davis

The illustrated book combines basic science lessons with monthly growing experiments.
By Bettijane Levine, Times Staff Writer
May 1, 2008

‘Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children’
By Tina Davis
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $19.95

This little book is a child’s introduction to the way things grow and the importance of plants in our universe. Designed with vintage illustrations to hold the attention of those too young to read the text, it is a mix of basic science lessons and delightful growing experiments — one for each month of the year. All can be easily achieved with help from adults, and no special equipment is needed. Continue reading ‘Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children’ by Tina Davis (Google / LA Times)

Webrings about Plants (WebRing)

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April 13 is International Plant Appreciation Day. How do you show your appreciation for these non-animal forms of life that provide the backdrop for all our lives? Check out the rings below for sites that will virtually “grow” on you.


Linking gardening enthusiasts’ websites worldwide. Plants, horticulture and gardening for all ages and abilities. You can see what other gardeners are up to, and get some great ideas for your own garden too!

Tropical Plants

Tropical plants and images from every corner of this planet!

The Carnivorous Plants Webring

Information on caring for, maintaining, and purchasing, as well as general info on carnivorous and insectivorous plants. Helping anyone from beginner to expert gardener with the task of growing these unique plants.

The Plant World Ring

Sites which have plant or gardening related content for the public. For example seeds, plants, flowers, gardens, gardening advice, horticultural information, tools & equipment etc.

Gardening International

Come and find information about the garden, from advice on planting and decorating to exchanging seeds and plants, find a site in your area or one far away … and share in the passion of gardening.

—————— Continue reading Webrings about Plants (WebRing)

Fine Gardening eLetter

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Newsletter: Take Our Plant Survey, Container Gardening, Planting Seedlings, Spring-Flowering Trees

We’re proud to bring you the Fine Gardening eLetter, a free newsletter filled with smart advice from gardening experts.

Container Gardening, Vol. 5 (Fine Gardening / Taunton)

Back from my mission in Algeria

Dear visitors of my blogs,

It took me a while to tackle all the classical problems of a longer absence : correspondence, reports to write, reply to emails, etc. But now I am back at my blogs and hope to catch up as soon as possible.

For now, let me tell you something about the success of our UNICEF project in Algeria “Construction of family gardens and school gardens in the refugees’ camps of Tindouf (S.W. Algeria – Sahara desert)“.

The Sahrawi people are extremely motivated to get their small gardens ready as soon as possible. From 208 gardens in 2006, the number of gardens grew to more than 1200. These gardens are treated with our soil conditioner TerraCottem (<>) to stock a maximum of saline irrigation water in the upper 20-30 cm of sandy soil. Seeds of vegetables are provided by UNICEF ALGERIA. Young trees are offered by the Forestry Services of Tindouf. Local schools are also participating in the project. Follow-up is assured by a Technical Committee and several agronomists.

In August 2007, I launched an action of seed collection in Belgium. With the help of the media (newspapers, radio, television), I invited my compatriots to send me the seeds of tropical fruits, which are normally thrown in the garbage bin (melon, watermelon, pumpkin, papaya, avocado, sweet pepper etc.). There was a massive and remarkably positive reaction of the Belgians ! For the first time, someone is not asking money for development cooperation, but only garbage seeds.

I received already more than 100 kg of seeds, half of which were already taken to the refugee camps on my last trip, or send by the Algerian Embassy for use in Algerian school gardens (another nice UNICEF project, called : “Schools, Friends of the children”).

It is really fantastic to see, for the first time in 30 years in these camps of the Sahrawis, vegetables growing in small desert gardens. What a splendid contribution to human health in those extremely difficult conditions ! This is the best way to provide continuously fresh food and fruits with vitamins and mineral elements, in particular for the children.

You look for success stories ? This is one of the best ! I will soon show you some more pictures.

Team with UNICEF seeds   Family garden Layoun  Family garden Layoun 2  watermelons in Dahla

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Unicef team and Sahrawis engineers carrying seeds from UNICEF / Some of the family gardens at the end of October 2007.

Getting Started on Container Gardening (Google Alert / eMediaWire)

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Getting Started on Container Gardening

Don’t be fooled. You don’t have to have a large garden to grow fantastic fruits, flowers and vegetables. We have the best suggestion for any garden lover. That’s right, container gardening is a thriving way to garden anywhere. We can share some of the best benefits of container gardening, guaranteed to get you started on a container garden today.

Keighley, UK (PRWEB) September 2, 2007 — “Do you long to be able to grow your own fresh vegetables but don’t believe that you can because you do not have a big garden? Freshly harvested vegetables taste fabulous and they are so easy to grow. Anyone can grow them – even if you only have a window box you can grow cut and come again salad leaves, radishes, salad onions and if you have room for a hanging basket then you can grow tumbling tomatoes to go with your salad!” This is according to Simon Newman, author of the blog “Container Gardening”. Continue reading Getting Started on Container Gardening (Google Alert / eMediaWire)