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You have to check this great container gardening newsletter and sign up for today! Through this special offer in the next 48 hours you sign up for container gardening newsletter and by signing up to my newsletter you will get a fantastic discount on Simon’s new container gardening book once launched.

Simon Newman’s container vegetable garden (Willem)

People interested in container gardening should get the free Gardening Newsletter of Simon NEWMAN’s Container Vegetable Garden website.

It’s a real must !

The 31 Aug. 2007 issue brings an interesting article on “Designing a Container Garden“. Don’t miss it and put Simon’s URL on your Blogroll !

Five blogs on desertification, container gardening and seed collection (Willem)

This message to let you know that I subdivided my website into five blogs :

(1) English : On desertification, drought, poverty, agriculture and horticulture

(2) French : On desertification, drought, poverty, agriculture and horticulture

(3) English : On container gardening (this blog)

(4) French : On container gardening

(5) Dutch : On collection of seeds for humanitarian projects

Make your choice and click on these links.

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Books on gardening for our UNICEF project (Gardening.ygoy / Willem)

Today, I discovered an interesting posting on the Gardening.ygoy website :

Knowing that the 7 engineers, working on the UNICEF project ‘Family Gardens and School Gardens for the Sahrawi refugees in S.W. Algeria’, do not dispose of any library or personal books on gardening, I have submitted a comment to this ygoy-message.

Please read the following and see what you could do to help us :

Easy Ways to Dispose off the Gardening Books

You buy so many books on gardening or your friends may also gift you many. At the end your bookshelves get filled with many books you don’t need any more. They just take up space and collect dust. Here are some useful options on what you can do with them.

Re-sell them – The best way to get back even half of the amount you have spent on buying books is – resell them on Amazon or list for auction on Ebay. This way you can easily clean up your shelves and put some money back in your pocket.
Join BookCrossing – It is a cool idea to get rid of books. What you need to do is just register your books online at You can set your books “free” by leaving them on a park bench, in a cafe or a bus port, and later you can easily track the books’ whereabouts via the same site.
Donate them to Adopt A Library – You can donate the books you don’t need to “Adopt A Library” []. They forward these books onto schools, prisons and other areas where others can benefit from using them.
Donate to a local library or charity – If the books you don’t want anymore are still in a better condition, then most libraries and charities accept them happily. Anyhow it doesn’t result in any monetary benefit to you, but you can feel happy for your books benefiting someone.
Recycle as gifts – If you think the book you don’t need can be of great help to someone you know, gifting that book is a great idea. As you know – books are the greatest gifts one can keep lifelong -, so you are gifting the greatest gift your friend will sure like.
Make an ideas file – Even the worst gardening book will have at least one or two photographs or pages with useful tips that you can cut out and paste into a scrapbook of useful ideas. Then, you can the rest of the book.
Turn them into compost – If you can’t find any of the above options working or if no one is interested in taking them or buying them, then you have only one easy option left – make them useful to your garden. A book thrown away takes a few years to break down. Instead tear it into strips, soak it in water before adding to the heap, and it will compost.

So next time onwards don’t think the books you don’t need no one needs or completely useless. Make them useful by following any of the above ideas, and be happy your book is alive somewhere.

One Response to “Easy Ways to Dispose off the Gardening Books”

  1. Prof. Dr. Willem Van Cotthem (Belgium) on August 11th, 2007 11:30 am

    Working with UNICEF ALGERIA on a humanitarian project, called “Family Gardens and School Gardens in the refugee camps of the Sahrawis” in S.W. Algeria, we would be very grateful receiving books on vegetables and on fruit production (in English or in Spanish) for the library of the 7 Sahrawis agronomists with whom we are taking care of the follow-up of this project. Your gifts would be a very valuable contribution to the success of this remarkable initiative, in which we teach these former nomads and fishermen and -women to become self-sufficient for food production. Any books on gardening techniques in both languages are most welcome on my address : BEEWEG, 36 – B9080 ZAFFELARE (Belgium). We count on your goodwill and comprehension. Sincere thanks.

Gardening with kids : Hands-on Kits

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Gardening with Kids Store

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Hands-on Kits

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“Visit our online Gardening With Kids Store for an extensive selection of innovative and exclusive items that support gardening with kids. You’ll find tools for classroom projects and family gardens, and great gifts for gardeners of all ages. Educators tell us that outdoor classrooms are a priority. With a few permanent structures, your school can create a multi-functional outdoor garden site, where interdisciplinary learning thrives. Our online store specializes in structures, tools, accessories, and more to help you develop and expand your outdoor classroom or habitat.”

A few examples : Continue reading Gardening with kids : Hands-on Kits

Herb Gardening for Beginners (Google Alert / New Homemaker)

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The New Homemaker

Herb Gardening for Beginners

The easiest way to start gardening
by Lynn Siprelle

Just outside my back door is a patch filled with happy buzzing bees. When I need a little rosemary for my chicken, or thyme for my fish, or lavender for a bouquet, I just pop out the door and cut a handful. You’re thinking, wow, I’d like to do that too, but I don’t know anything about growing herbs. Good news! You don’t need to! Herb gardening is about the simplest form of gardening there is. An herb garden can be planted just about anywhere that you have space–a strip of dirt beside the front walk would even work. And if you have no outdoor space, herbs can be grown in large containers on a sunny porch or balcony. Most herbs do not like rich soil, the exception being basil. Don’t go to any serious trouble adding manure or fertilizer; just make sure your future herb garden has been turned over and well-weeded. Continue reading Herb Gardening for Beginners (Google Alert / New Homemaker)

Container Gardening from the Ground Up (Technorati / Green House Growing)

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Green House Growing

Container Gardening from the Ground Up

July 9th, 2007

Container Gardening from the Ground Up!
The Essential, Step-By-Step Videoguide to Preparing, Growing and Caring for a variety of Container P…
List Price: $19.99
Used Price: $15.99