Growing Fruit and Veg (Netmums)

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 Gardening: Growing Fruit and Veg

When we think about growing food the images that come to mind are often fields full of vegetables, orchards full of fruit or allotments that are tucked away like secret societies, full of old men who have the magic of veg growing in their green fingers. The truth is there isn’t a secret to growing your own food, it just needs a little time and care and you don’t need acres of land to be able to grow your own. There are so many advantages to growing your own fruit and veg, not only is there the satisfaction of sitting down to a meal knowing that it was provided from your own garden with no added chemicals but also it is the wonder your children will feel when they see the first green leaves sprout from the earth. And you can take pride in knowing that you are teaching your children the basics of where food comes from and the lesson that everything is sustainable – food waste makes compost which feeds plants which makes more food for us. Continue reading Growing Fruit and Veg (Netmums)

“Gardening kids are truly inspired, food providers for their families” (Kids Gardening)

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Kids Gardening

 Evaluation Summary ~ 2006 NGA Grant Winners

The National Gardening Association has been providing material assistance to youth and community gardens through grants since 1983, and in 2005 we started collecting data to track the impact of our grants programs via a year-end evaluation summary completed by grant recipients. Here are results for the 2006 grant cycle, based on 487 evaluations (74% response rate):

Grant Program

# responses

% response

Youth Garden Grants



Mantis Awards



Remember Me Rose



Kids Growing with Dutch Bulbs



Hooked on Hydroponics



Healthy Sprouts



These grants are awarded based on merit. Winners were chosen through evaluation of written applications; winning applicants indicated well-planned, comprehensive, community-supported, and sustainable youth garden programs. Because the pool of applicants and types of programs vary each year, the statistics noted here are dynamic.

Evaluation Highlights (continued with several statistics)

Here are a few comments gathered during year-end evaluations: Continue reading “Gardening kids are truly inspired, food providers for their families” (Kids Gardening)

Benefits of organic gardening (Google Alert / philly Burbs)

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 So what is organic gardening all about?

Organic gardening is growing without chemical fertilizers, naturally building the soil to support healthy plant life. Organic gardening is a constantly evolving dance that allows you to be a full participant in your garden. It is not a fad or new in any way. In fact, it is the oldest method of cultivation and had its first serious beginnings in Europe. It’s good for your family, and it’s less expensive to do. Organic gardening is really about designing the garden as a complete ecosystem, a natural environment where the gardener is a participant, not an observer. The key to organic gardening is to work with nature in the growing of plants so that the resources consumed by the garden can be replenished both minimally and consistently. Although organic gardening does require a few changes in the way things are done from traditional gardening, you will quickly discover organic gardening is easy and fun. Reduced pollution of the environment through recycling of garden, household and other wastes rather than dumping or burning them is seen as a beneficial by product. Continue reading Benefits of organic gardening (Google Alert / philly Burbs)

Vertical gardening in a Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter (Clean Air Gardening)

Description of a commercial product, but bringing some good ideas for vertical gardening.

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Clean Air Gardening

Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter

Also known as Plug N Gro-bag.

This grow bag is so simple, you can’t go wrong! A major gardening breakthrough, the grow bag can help you grow the best flowers, herbs, berries or vegetables right on your patio or deck! Now you can plant 9 bedding plants in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is plug it, water it, and watch it grow. Uses standard potting soil. Water and feed through the top. Also a space at the bottom for 1 to 2 plants. Grow bags for growing plants are nothing new. Cheap, garbage bag-type growing bags are used by the millions in Europe, but they are used flat on the ground, and not vertically.

Growing vertically brings you many significant advantages.
First, you can plant all the way around the bag, not just from the top, letting you plant four times the number of plants or more.
Second, a vertical gro-bag takes up almost no room. Third, growing vertically eliminates many common gardening problems such as ground insects, ground fungus, bacteria, slugs and other garden pests.

Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter

The Grow Bag is pictured here hanging from our Growing Pole, but you can also hang it from anything that can hold 30 to 40 pounds. You can often hang it on a patio from a wooden beam.

Organic Gardening In Containers (Technorati / Gerladina here)

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Successful Organic Gardening In Containers

By Julie Williams

Space can be at a premium, especially these days when apartments and condos are so popular. A simple solution for those wanting to grow at least a few basic herbs and vegetables is to grow in containers. Maybe you dont have the time to maintain a large vegetable garden, or you have a physical condition that prevents you bending down or using the usual gardening tools. Whatever the reason, container gardening can be a great way to produce some of your organic food needs. While container gardening may have its limitations, there are some great benefits. Continue reading Organic Gardening In Containers (Technorati / Gerladina here)