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Gardening on balcony or rooftop (Google / The Guardian)

Read at : Balcony gardening and rooftop garden ideas How to design and plant a tiny balcony or rooftop garden, plus a simple herb project to get you started Isabelle Palmer Essentials before you begin Before designing and planting … Continue reading

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Farm the Rooftops (City Farm News / The Dirt)

Read at : American Society of Landscape Architects – Farm the Rooftops Linked by Michael Levenston “Farming is a tough numbers game. It’s a tough sell, but educating children in cities about how food is grown is worth any … Continue reading

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Big ideas for small spaces shared at gardening fair

Read at : Google Alert – container gardening–big-ideas-for-small-spaces-shared-at-gardening-fair Residents can find info on growing food in containers and on rooftops From rooftops to balconies to tiny backyards, gardens can bloom anywhere, even in small spaces. An event organized by … Continue reading

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Rooftop farms and gardens (Google / MinnPost)

Read at : Google Alert – container gardening Greening up: Rooftop farms and gardens flourish in the cities By Elizabeth Millard, The Line Compared to the meadow and prairie wildflower plot nearby, the organic vegetable garden is neatly organized, … Continue reading

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Great Rooftop Gardens (TheGrowSpot)

Read at : Green Roofs and Living Roofs From Around the World  

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Integration of green roofs into current and future buildings (Science Daily)

Read at : How Does Your Green Roof Garden Grow? ScienceDaily (Jan. 3, 2011) — Growing plants on rooftops is an old concept that has evolved from simple sod roofing to roof gardens and new, lightweight “extensive green roofs.” … Continue reading

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Container gardening against hunger in the cities (City Farmers News / Udaipur Times / Willem Van Cotthem)

Read at : City Farming in Udaipur – City of Lakes, India Linked by Michael Levenston Farming In City! Farming Without A Field! Is This possible? September 8, 2010 This guest article is written by Mr. Manish Jain … Continue reading

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Enjoy the benefits of a green roof (The Daily Green)

Read at : 13 Amazing Facts About Green Roofs Green roofs and living walls offer many benefits, including cooling buildings, reducing stormwater runoff, providing wildlife habitat, growing food and creating jobs. Also see vertical gardens, vertical farms and mobile … Continue reading

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Green roofs and vertical gardens – Videoshow (The Daily Green)

Read at : The Daily Green The Past, Present and Future of Green Roofs & Vertical Gardens A new exhibit looks at the exciting possibilities of growing food and vegetation in unlikely spaces, transforming cities into sustainable green oases. … Continue reading

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Appreciation and urban roof gardening (Amberfreda)

Appreciation for this blog Wonderful blog, thank you!! I design rooftop gardens and am based in New York City. I also have a blog on urban gardening at You can also see photos of some of our roof gardens … Continue reading

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