Making a mini greenhouse with kids (Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas)

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Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas

Making a mini greenhouse with kids

The kids were desperate to get their hands into some gardening yesterday, and I was only too happy to oblige. Our youngest boy had obtained some directions for making a mini-greenhouse from a milk bottle and had been bugging me all week to help him with it. I finally had some free time yesterday and the recycling bin hadn’t been emptied so we had a few spare bottles on hand.

Step 1

We started by cutting the bottom third of a 2L plastic milk bottle (you could use any plastic bottle) and added some potting mix to a knuckle length below the rim.

Step 2

Once the soil was in, it was time to sow the seeds. The boys decided to plant some chive seeds and the girls opted for coriander. Both seeds had been collected from our herb garden at the end of last season.

They scattered a few seeds on top of the soil and then lightly pressed them. Another layer of soil was then used to cover the seeds and then a final moisture add.

Step 3

The final step in the project is to fit the top portion of the milk bottle back over the bottom part. The plastic used in making these milk bottles is quite soft and easily malleable while some other bottles have more rigid plastic and will take some patience to fit it over.

Each of the kids then labelled their mini greenhouses and found a spot in the shed on the window ledge. Continue reading Making a mini greenhouse with kids (Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas)


How to make easy and beautiful container gardens ? (In the Garden Online)

 I discovered today this wonderful website and an excellent article on container gardening !

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In the Garden Online

Creating Easy, Beautiful Container Gardens

Somehow, a porch or patio just doesn’t seem complete without some potted plants. And why not? Container gardens can highlight these areas of your home, as well as allow you to grow a variety of plants in a small area. You can play with color combinations, try out plants that you’re considering for your permanent landscape, or just pick what looks pretty and enjoy it. While you can buy pre-planted containers at almost every garden center, it is satisfying (and fun!) to select plants and put them together into a container garden all by yourself. Think it’s too complicated, that you don’t have the “eye” for it? No way! I’ll show you how to create beautiful container gardens, and I’ll point you to some of my favorite resources on container gardening. Continue reading How to make easy and beautiful container gardens ? (In the Garden Online)

Inverted Indoor Gardening (OhCripes)

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Inverted Indoor Gardening

Like many people I enjoy gardening and growing houseplants. While my wife and I have a large garden during the summer months I have often thought about how it would be nice to grow things such as tomatoes and beans indoors during the winter months. Now I could have the floors lined with even more pots and planters than I do now but as much as my wife likes the movie I don’t think she would appreciate the house having that little shop of horrors decor. The logical choice for my indoor gardening is 1: container and 2: hanging. So after doing a few searches on the net I had come across a few options. There were of course the usual hanging planters that are really nothing more than a regular pot with strings tied to a ceiling hook. These really didn’t appeal to me due to previous experiences where the water of flowed down through the soil and filled the overflow basin at the bottom. Another option is hanging inverted planters which have been around for a very long time. Some in a much older design made from terra cotta in a traditional mexican style and a newer one made of plastic that had internal foam spacers for dirt/water containment. Continue reading Inverted Indoor Gardening (OhCripes)

Make your own Pop Bottle Pots (Topper’s Place)

Scrolling through  Linda TOPPER’s website I discovered a wonderful description of the way she makes “Pop Bottle Pots“.  Congratulations, Linda !

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Topper’s Place (see my Blogroll)

Go to the left column and click :

Pop Bottle Pots…


I’ve never been a rich person and mostly work too many hours. So I’ve had to learn to do things on a tight budget for both time and money.  I have done a lot of do-it-yourself projects. I’ve been making and using pop bottle pots for years… They aren’t in any way fancy, but they are cheap and fairly easy to make, and best of all, the plants love ’em! Believe it or not I even used them to line my front porch and planted Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes in them. By keeping the water reservoir filled with a very mild dilution of Miracle Grow and keeping the plants pruned I had a wall of cherry tomato plants just outside my front door, ready to pick snacks and the plants made a cool looking tall and slender ‘hedge’ giving me more privacy.


Pop Bottle Pot with Alpine Strawberry (18434 bytes) Here’s a finished pop bottle pot from in my greenhouse. I have a young alpine strawberry planted in it (click on it for a larger view). It’s sitting in front of some water jugs that were used for thermal storage in my solar greenhouse. I was testing to see if I got better production from warmer or cooler plants.


Continue reading Make your own Pop Bottle Pots (Topper’s Place)

Aspects of container gardening (Topper’s Place)

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Topper’s Place

Container Gardening…

Container gardening isn’t just for indoors… or just for indoor plants… or even just for flowering plants… Over the years I’ve enjoyed all types of gardening and love sharing my experiences and tricks. I hope that you find something that will make your container gardening more enjoyable – and less work / more fun!

Table of Contents

Limited only by your imagination, space and lighting
Love African Violets?
Alpine Strawberries
Container Grown Tomatoes
Last season’s Container Garden

Bottle gardening with kids (One Hour Craft)

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One Hour Craft Blog Archive

Lesson 1: How to Start a Garden (Easy and Great with Kids)


Pauline showed me a great way to grow seedlings and ignite your child’s (or your own interest in gardening). Keep in mind that this is only my first week of gardening, so learn with me. I love this tutorial because whether you live in a little flat in London or on a station outside of Meekatharra or are a teacher in a classroom, this is really easy and uses materials which you may already have. The first thing to do to grow a garden is to turn those little seeds that you buy into seedlings. I am inspired to use seedlings because they are cheap and also I think it is great for kids to see how a plant grows from a tiny seed… On with the tutorial… Continue reading Bottle gardening with kids (One Hour Craft)

Ideas to reuse plastic bottles (bradcalv / netspace)

Looking for all kinds of reuse possibilities of plastic (PET) bottles, I came across a list of 48 uses for PET bottles at the site :

Here are some of these uses related to plant growth or gardening: Continue reading Ideas to reuse plastic bottles (bradcalv / netspace)