Having fresh herbs on hand

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Herb Garden Plans

by Hiendrich accid burn


There are several reasons why you need build your own herb garden plans. First reason, You can feeling convenience of having fresh herbs on hand when you need them. Second reason, fresh ingredients have added flavor and potency. Here are tips to build your own herb garden plans.

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Herbs at home

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Your kitchen herb garden


Found on infarrantlycreative.net - https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e0/a8/df/e0a8df27b8fe87c623b0097db303d1a8.jpg
Found on infarrantlycreative.net – https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e0/a8/df/e0a8df27b8fe87c623b0097db303d1a8.jpg


A Kitchen Herb Garden perfect for any backyard or deck.

Putting the garden together is rather easy and be customized many different ways. We chose to use galvanized containers because I have a lot of them – so many, in fact, I made a Christmas tree out of them. However, any selection of planters would work. We also used a small vintage door but that could easily be replaced with painted plywood or stained hardwood. Or, you could create something similar to this project.


4 containers

Door or plywood Wood for bracing

Screws and washers

Rocks for filler

Empty bottles and cans for filler

Potting soil

Herb plants of your choice

1. Drill Drainage Holes You want to drill holes in the bottom of your containers. Not only will this be beneficial for drainage for the health of your plants, allowing water to drain will also cut down on the weight of the hanging containers. We used a large drill bit and it went through quite easily.

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Keep your herbs on the kitchen windowsill

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Herbs indoors

Top 10 Easy To Grow Herbs Indoors For Beginners


There are 2 advantages if you grow herbs indoors, first you can eat the tasteful fresh herbs and second you can keep the flavor in your home. You can grow herbs in pot in your kitchen. If you will start herbs garden in your kitchen, especially you are beginner, It is recommended to start from easy to grow herbs indoors, healthy plants are preferable than seeds. After you have some insights then you can try to grow herbs from seeds.

Easy To Grow Herbs Indoors
It is common fact that usually herbs grown indoors are less productive than outdoor plants, but don’t worry the herbs will still give you plenty of fantastic flavor for your favorite dishes.

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Herbs and pollinators

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Pollinator-Friendly Herbs

By Karin Eller

There are many articles about pollinator friendly flowers, but what about herbs?  Herbs have many uses medicinal, culinary and even ornamental.    They can be grown in containers, draping over walls and planted in drought tolerant landscapes and in the shade.  Herbs are excellent choice for planting on hillsides to keep weeds smothered.  Unfortunately, they are not usually considered to be part of the flower garden or landscape for our pollinating friends. With the many new varieties and old favorites available there is an herb out there for any use to beautify your garden.

Coral Reef Monarda - http://www.motherearthnews.com/~/media/Images/MEN/Editorial/Blogs/Organic%20Gardening/Pollinator%20Friendly%20Herbs/coralreefmonarda.jpg
Coral Reef Monarda – http://www.motherearthnews.com/~/media/Images/MEN/Editorial/Blogs/Organic%20Gardening/Pollinator%20Friendly%20Herbs/coralreefmonarda.jpg

Monarda or Bee Balm is a full sun perennial that most gardeners are familiar with. The bright red flowers of this plant are iconic.  Though with recent introductions, there is a myriad of colors available.  There are varieties such as ‘Lilac Lollipop’, with soft lilac colored blooms to ‘Coral Reef’ that has a mellowed orange hue.  These new introductions can grow to approximately 24” in height depending on the variety, enjoying the same conditions as the parent plant.  Deadheading will keep this plant producing blooms thought the growing season.

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Herbs healing but not medicinal

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Lemon balm

8 Healing Herbs You Can Grow

by Kathy Woodard

I’m a big fan of herbs… I love how they smell, the texture they provide, that self sustaining feeling they give you, just having them in the garden. But I’m also a big fan because I’m convinced many of them can do you good and help you heal from minor ailments. I chose eight of my top fav healing herbs for the garden based on how easy they are to use and prepare at home, and also how easy they are to grow in most gardens. Here they are, in no particular order! (Note: Remember that healing herbs are not meant to be medicinal, and that you must be careful that any plant you ingest is safe for you and your family… )

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Herbs in Containers ( The Gardeners’ Rake)

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The Best Way of Growing Herbs in Containers

Posted by Denise

Guest writer: Jack Grant

Plants or even herbs can be planted in different ways. They can be planted in a container and placed it inside the house or plant it directly in the soil of your garden.

Whichever way you will use in planting herbs, their requirement for survival are just the same to the other plants.

Herb growers or even plant growers should always bear in their minds that all kinds of plants have their three basic needs for their survival. One of these three needs is sunlight. Herbs require a huge amount of sun, so if you plan to grow them indoors, you must have a location that receives direct sunlight for much of the day. The sunlight directly affects the growth of plants. Another need of herb is the soil. Use a good quality potting soil that drains well, but also holds moisture, so that the herbs will not be exposed to large variations in moisture level. And the last need of herb for them to grow in their best way is water. Just like humans, herbs also need water as a source of their energy. They should be watered regularly to maintain their moisture and good quality of growth. But avoid the roots of the herbs from being soggy for they might penetrate your flooring inside the house.

Growing herbs in a container makes it easy for you to move them anywhere in the house.


Herb Wheel Planter (The Gardener’s Rake)

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Create an Herb Wheel planter

Posted by Denise

An herb wheel planter is a unique way to grow an herb garden. It is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many herb gardens were grown in such a layout in years past.

A wheel planter is essentially a type of a jardinière or container in which one grows plants. Herbs don’t need much space to grow well, which is an advantage for a small yard or garden area. And a wheel planter will use limited small growing spaces to their best advantage.

The shape of a wheel planter will also allow you to divide different types of herbs into sections. This creates a colorful garden and is easy to take care of.

You can buy a readymade wheel planter, use an existing wheel and make the necessary changes or you can make your own out of bought of found items.

One of the most inexpensive easy wheel planters to make is made with bricks or rocks. These two items will also fit into most people’s backyard and home decor.

Arrange your bricks or rocks in a circular shape on the ground to form a planter. Add a few brick or rock lines in the wheel to resemble spokes. If you make the wheel planter 6 to 12 inches tall you will be able to easily enrich the soil and make working in the garden area easier on your back.

To prepare the soil for planting the herbs, first remove a thin layer of the exiting soil to make room for the new topsoil and to cut back on weeds and grass. I use this soil I removed in a compost pile to break down into new soil.

Add new and enriched soil or compost. This will get your herbs off to a healthy start.

Plant a different kind of herb in each section. By planning ahead you can place the herbs in an interesting pattern and color or texture selection. This isn’t necessary but it adds to the interest of the garden. Herbs are interesting, have a unique history, and are very popular and easy to grow. And above all they are healthy because of their various qualities.


Herb Gardening (Google / Own Home Style)

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Herb Gardening

MANY of the plants we grow such as annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word. With increased interest in recent years in continental or gourmet cooking the word “herb” is nearly always thought of by home gardeners to mean the “culinary” herb. Herb gardening is going more and more popular each day, and for a good reason. Herbs have practical value, serve an aim, and with herb gardening you may really use your plants. When many people think of herb gardening they automatically think of cooking, but herbs are also produced for their pleasing fragrance and their beauty. One significant part of herb gardening is drying out the herbs for consumption during the wintertime months, particularly whenever you plan about cooking with them. First the tops of leafy herbs have to be cut, washed, and hung up for the water to vaporise. Then, tie stems together and hang up in a paper bag to dry. After two to three weeks they must be removed; break down the leaves, dry them out in the oven, and store in a glass jar. Continue reading Herb Gardening (Google / Own Home Style)

Herb Container Garden Techniques (Google / Backyard Gardening Tips)

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Herb Container Garden Techniques

by webmann

Establishing  a herb container garden for your home not only gives  you the chance of growing fresh herbs year-round for a assortment of uses, in addition it provides an eco-friendly method of decorating your patio, sunroom or balcony. Using ornamental ceramic pots, clay urns, wooden window boxes or any distinctive item that can serve as a plant holder for your herb container garden will add color and fragrance wherever you decide to place them.

Benefits Of A Herb Container Garden Continue reading Herb Container Garden Techniques (Google / Backyard Gardening Tips)

Growing An Indoor Herb Garden Is Easy (Google / Gardening Resources)

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Growing An Indoor Herb Garden Is Easy