Cheap raised beds (Holly & Dahli)

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Two Bit Hooker Bins

There are many reasons to build raised beds for your vegetable and even flower gardens but for me the biggest reason is how it reduces the backbreaking labor of getting down on the ground to weed and plant.  Raised beds also use much less water and don’t have the runoff or waste of water and fertilizer that may come with ground level planting areas. It helps to keep the pets out of your flowers as well as many of the typical weeds that come in from the soil. I’ve also found fewer cutworms and bad bugs in my raised beds but that may not always be a guarantee.  These “Two Bit Hooker Bins” are not fast or easy but they are cheap and a little dangerous so that’s why I named them after two bit hookers.

Building raised beds can be expensive and complicated, especially if you are using lumber or bricks or other construction materials. I decided to use corrugated tin and electrical conduit stakes because they were economical and didn’t take up too much space in the width of the garden bins. I found the effort and time invested in the infrastructure of building raised beds has paid off many times over in the later maintenance and increased yield these bins provide. It IS worth the effort, but they are not instant or built without some energy expended.


Grow your own food and save money on a raised bed in your backyard (You Tube)


John from goes on a field trip to a viewers how to build a 4′ x 4′ raised bed kit and fill it with Organic approved Veggie Planting Mix. In this episode you will learn how easy it is to start your own raised bed garden, and will learn many tips along the way as well.


You can’t afford such a kit ?  Don’t despair : this video will bring you excellent ideas to make your own raised bed with other materials.

Coconut coir in raised beds (You Tube)

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Is Coconut Coir Imbalanced for use in a Raised Bed Garden ?

John from shares with you his latest research on coconut coir to learn if it is deficient in certain nutrients and may be “out of balance” for using in your garden. In this episode John will share with you what he is adding to the coconut coir to make it better balanced.

African keyhole gardens (You Tube / Send a Cow / Michael J KIng)

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Keyhole Garden – How to make an African style raised bed

Keyhole Gardens are a great garden to make – here is one being built in Uganda. This organic technique is part of Send a Cow’s training in sustainable agriculture and is a great home garden idea too. Keyhole gardens survive floods and arid conditions well as the raised bed holds moisture and is ‘fed’ via a central compost basket. Help support African families and buy the charity gift of a Keyhole Garden for a friend at​build-a-keyhole-garden


African Keyhole Style Garden, Vegetables, Copper tools, and Bio Char!!

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The Aftrican Keyhole garden is a very simple and effective way to grow vegetables in a small amount of space, nothing is hard to reach which makes planting and weeding simple, great for Kids and the elderley. the central compost bin acts as a source of food and water, like a biogenic battery,

I had a zero budget this year for my garden so I used recycled building rubble for the stones and an old unused compost bin, I just layed newspaper on the grass, applied some garden compost, added Bio char and some old tin cans, another layer of newspaper and then a layer of garden compost, the only material I bought was a few growbags to top up the soil and seeds.

Detailed instructions, support packs, etc about this are available from this African charity website:



Raised beds and container gardening, a small investment of time and money (Google / Independent Mail)

2007-02 - Growing vegetables in soda bottles (Photo WVC)

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Raised beds and container gardening ideal for limited space

L. Woodrow Ross

If you love fresh vegetables and herbs and have limited space, don’t despair. Raised beds and container gardening may be just the ticket for putting nutritious, tasty food on your table. You may be surprised at the return on a small investment of time and money.

In 2009, my wife Margaret wanted a raised bed for herbs. She previously raised herbs inside in containers. She uses fresh basil, dill, oregano, parsley, cilantro, chives, rosemary and thyme to enhance various foods. Being a scavenger and never wasting lumber, I sorted through some materials and built a bed for her, and the rest is history.

We have planted a small garden in our back yard for several years with limited success. The property is small and shady near a small creek, and the trees sap the moisture making supplemental watering a must. Soil quality was also an issue. Continue reading Raised beds and container gardening, a small investment of time and money (Google / Independent Mail)