How can I grow vegetables on my terrace ?

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How to Make Terrace Vegetable Garden | Complete Tutorial

Make a Terrace Vegetable Garden on your rooftop, it is easy if you’ll do this with some planning. In this article you’ll learn which vegetables are suitable and how you can grow them on terrace.

Fresh home grown vegetables taste delicious, are good for health and safe from chemicals. You don’t need to acquire a regular garden to grow them, you can also grow these on a balcony or terrace.

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There are some really interesting ways to incorporate the vegetable crops on the terrace. These alternatives are space saving and also a real eye-catcher.

1. Creating a vegetable Garden in Pots

Container gardening against hunger in the cities (City Farmers News / Udaipur Times / Willem Van Cotthem)

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City Farming in Udaipur – City of Lakes, India
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Farming In City! Farming Without A Field! Is This possible?

September 8, 2010

This guest article is written by Mr. Manish Jain from Udaipur

It is not only possible, but it is a growing movement in Udaipur.  Shikshantar, a community organization, has been working with interested individuals to produce fruits and vegetables at their homes.  Healthy, holistic living is rare in the city, but now a clean, self-sustaining city is possible and growing our own food is a major step in this direction.

“We have built our homes over soil and greenery, so we should grow greenery on our terraces to replace what we have destroyed,” says Vishal Singh, a zero waste consultant, who has planted many plants on his terrace near Gantaghar.  Terrace space is often unused and gets plenty of sunlight – perfect for a terrace farm.  A terrace garden also keeps the house cool in the summer. The management students of Phoenix Business School have also developed a vegetable garden on their terrace near Suraj Pol.  However, terraces are just the beginning. Continue reading Container gardening against hunger in the cities (City Farmers News / Udaipur Times / Willem Van Cotthem)

Grow your food on your terrace! (Google / Bangalore Citizen Matters)

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Grow your food on your terrace!

Here I was merrily plucking tomatoes from my garden as and when i needed them in the kitchen, till S – our domestic help – told me that she had just bought it for 40 rupees a kilo in Russell Market?! FORTY?! I resolved to tend to my garden with greater care and gratitude! ‘The garden’ has always been integral to my growing years and it was only a matter of time before I started my own. So, ever since we moved to our place earlier this year, I experimented with various methods in the endeavour to make my garden as ‘organic’ as possible. It is another matter that a book I read recently about the Rodale Organic Farm (pioneers in organic farming) categorically states that growing plants in the restricted environment of a container cannot be considered truly organic. A trifle disappointing yes, but I would still like to believe that given today’s scenario where the majority of us have little choice but to live in apartments up in the air, our container gardens can most certainly approximate organic gardening. Continue reading Grow your food on your terrace! (Google / Bangalore Citizen Matters)

Container gardening on Chicago windowsill (H. HOUGH / Willem)

A nice message from Heidi HOUGH (Chicago) :

I’m delighted to know that our little synopsis was helpful. We continue to enjoy your site and send grateful thanks for including our project, which is just getting underway in year two. In the meantime, I’ve got some cool-weather greens growing in plastic boxes (with drainage holes) up on our second-story window sills. Arugula, spinach, chard, French breakfast radish, and lettuces. I like to eat them right out of the box (like a grazing animal–I am shameless).Chicago windowsillChicago second story windowsill container with fresh vegetables.


 Vegetables in plastic trays high above the street

Young lettuce grown in the city


French breakfast radishes close to the kitchen

red lettuce

Lettuce on a windowsill can be decorative like flowering plants



On May 5th I posted the following message :

Some weeks ago I discovered that people in Chicago were growing plants in buckets. Bruce FIELDS, Heidi HOUGH and their friends developed a very interesting system. I asked them to receive more information on it and to be enabled to publish some of their marvelous pictures. Heide came up with a splendid solution : THEIR FLICKR PAGE. Here is her message :

“I have finally set to order my flickr page. I hope this helps you and others see how we set up our growing buckets. You may freely use any of my pictures at your site.

Here’s the link:

We are excited that it could be useful to people whose water supply is not as bountiful as our own, 20 blocks from Lake Michigan.

Heidi Hough & Associates Inc
1904 W Division
Chicago IL 60622

Text going with the Flickr Page :

Our homemade earthboxes–really earthbuckets–were created from food-grade buckets we had left over from the leaky roof years. We’ve shown a very rudimentary step-by-step series on how to build these buckets. This link is far more comprehensive:

Here’s a good video that shows the process: eurl=http://www.h…

Art built the trellis, which worked beautifully for tying up the climbing cukes and tomatoes. With neighbor Bruce down the street in Wicker Park, Chicago, we had a lot of fun during this first year growing veggies on our rooftops. Go see his pix and descriptive text for more on this Year One of the rooftop garden experiment.

And our supportive friends helped us cook and eat the bounty.


I strongly recommend all the visitors of my blog to have a look at that wonderful series of pictures, explaining how the Chicago team build their bucket system.

My sincere congratulations to Heidi, Bruce and their Chicago team.”


Today, I received Heidi’s magnificent pictures of her “windowsill garden” (above). I believe that just a look at them will convince a lot of people to follow this splendid example, showing how simple and easy it is to produce fresh food in and around the house, even on a windowsill in a city like Chicago.

Did I recently hear food crisis ? Did someone mention high food prices ? Anyone of us, wherever we live, can partly solve that problem. Just grow your own vegetables and herbs (and some fruits) in containers in any location : balconies, terraces, windowsills, patios, platforms, open spaces around the house, flat roofs, etc. Even the cheapest containers, like plastic or PET bottles, yoghurt pots, buckets, sandwich boxes etc. can be transformed in mini-gardens or mini-greenhouses (see former postings on this blog). Give it a try and become a skilled gardener like Heidi HOUGH or Bruce FIELDS (see my former postings on their successes).

Spanish Gardening (Google / Round Town News)

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Spanish Gardening – Hints & Tips
Written by Clodagh & Dick Handscombe



e read recently in the UK press that the Scout movement has updated it’s range of achievement/skill badges by introducing new ones related to 21st century skills such as karting, quadbiking, parascending and thankfully one related to healthy eating and what we assume is still the motto of the scout movement ‘Be Prepared’. However the listed essential tasks for the latter included making a fruit salad, two different sandwiches, making an omelette and homemade meat balls, listing some unhealthy foods but not – but may have been omitted in the article – experiencing the growing of some organically grown vegetables or fruit and then preparing a meal with them. And how easy their growing would be in a large container even for the Beaver Scouts living in apartments. Un fortunately today’s ethos is too often don’t get your hands dirty. When we suggested during a talk on growing vegetables to the Agronomist students at the Polytechnic University in Valencia that they grow some vegetables in containers on their apartment terraces for healthy eating during their four course  professors informed us that they were educating agronomists who would work in agricultural/food  laboratories or as quality control advisers and not training agriculturalists. Likewise many articles in the newspapers and magazines comment on the need to eat healthier fresh chemical free vegetables and fruit but fail to suggest that one grows ones own. Continue reading Spanish Gardening (Google / Round Town News)

Terrace Gardening And Landscaping (Google / Article Valhalla)

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Terrace Gardening And Landscaping Ideas

April 5th, 2008 by Ostap

Terraces show rattling possibleness in the garden. They are outside dwelling suite during full weather and kind a passage from the doors to the inside end the twelvemonth.

The terrace may be either at anchored level, to a lower place anchored level, or brocaded above it. The unproblematic case is anchored level, that needs only the scaling we have bespoken. There is a wide choice of flooring stuffs to employ. One may use cement, teemed and tore down with a large board, but in keeping the drainage grade or admitting shallow drainage ways, smooth turf may be put, in that case the readying will be the like as for early lawn countries and assorted former eccentrics of base of operations.

The utilisation of flags is got simple by employing a loading of sand or gravel to the subsoil and excavation the flags into the sand or gravel. The recessions betwixt the rocks can be delved extinct and filled with top-soil and grass or early concealment rooted betwixt them. This affords a very pleasing event.

Hollow mud edifice tiles can be split and set as unit of measurements in the terrace flooring, their unsmooth borders in the stain. Some other full surfacing material is “open aggregate,” that is loosed from glare because of its unsmooth coating. For this type of surface, make a kind of 2 x 4’s. Pullulate the flooring in squares, one square at a clip, and level with a consecutive plank. The material ill is an intermixture of cementum, crisp sand and humbled stone or pebbles.

Sequoia or cypress tree blocks may besides be victimized for terrace flooring and are very attractive, although slightly less long than rock or brick. You can purchase the city blocks cut to size and positioned them straight in a bottom of sand, that in turn has been set on packed gravel or clinker. Un-mortared brick, set in a pattern, on 2 to 4 inches of good-tamped down sand, with informal sand in the chaps for grass, makes a hardy and simple-to-make terrace flooring. The bricks may be set flat or on end, and to hold them from spread, drive an angle iron against the nooks. Use a pattern that postdates the line of reasonings of your terrace.

The Recessed Patio Horticulture

A set terrace is one that is beneath anchorred level. It can be very attractive, and it makes yield a belief of imperturbability on a humid twenty or a raging dark. The set terrace asks a retaining wall to forbid soil from continually eating away into it, and likewise to keep the surface soil of the circumferent garden. The subsoil must be turned over to a deepness of about 5 or 6 inches to a lower place the level you wish to accomplish with the terrace itself. The exercise of sand or gravel as a base is of grandness. The top intervention can postdate your own dictates.

The Embossed Patio Horticulture