Vertical gardening in a Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter (Clean Air Gardening)

Description of a commercial product, but bringing some good ideas for vertical gardening.

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Clean Air Gardening

Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter

Also known as Plug N Gro-bag.

This grow bag is so simple, you can’t go wrong! A major gardening breakthrough, the grow bag can help you grow the best flowers, herbs, berries or vegetables right on your patio or deck! Now you can plant 9 bedding plants in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is plug it, water it, and watch it grow. Uses standard potting soil. Water and feed through the top. Also a space at the bottom for 1 to 2 plants. Grow bags for growing plants are nothing new. Cheap, garbage bag-type growing bags are used by the millions in Europe, but they are used flat on the ground, and not vertically.

Growing vertically brings you many significant advantages.
First, you can plant all the way around the bag, not just from the top, letting you plant four times the number of plants or more.
Second, a vertical gro-bag takes up almost no room. Third, growing vertically eliminates many common gardening problems such as ground insects, ground fungus, bacteria, slugs and other garden pests.

Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter

The Grow Bag is pictured here hanging from our Growing Pole, but you can also hang it from anything that can hold 30 to 40 pounds. You can often hang it on a patio from a wooden beam.

Tips for vertical gardening (Google Alert / Missourian)

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Columbia Missourian

Vertical gardening offers a way to grow around limited space

July 18, 2007 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Do you think you don’t have enough space to grow a lot of plants? If not, you could always try “growing up.” Vertical gardening, as the technique is called, is a great option for those who have limited space. There are many advantages to this type of gardening:

  • Vertical gardening can provide privacy and a disguise from unattractive views.
  • This type of gardening adds an architectural interest as the garden ceases to be just ordinary and becomes aesthetic.
  • Vertical gardening provides excellent air circulation for plants.
  • Fruit does not lie on the soil surface, which reduces some rotting problems and damage from some pests that live in mulch and soil surfaces.
  • Certain pests are not vertical crawlers, and you may be able to prevent some of them from being a problem.
  • Many plants can be trained to climb.
  • You can grow more plants with little space.
  • Plants can be within reach for someone with limitations who is unable to garden in a traditional way.
  • Plants are at eye level, making them easier to prune, check for pests, and harvest fruits and vegetables. Continue reading Tips for vertical gardening (Google Alert / Missourian)