Tips for winter sowing

Photo credit: Recordonline

Winter sowing in mini-greenhouses

Get a jump-start on veggie garden with winter sowing

By Susan M. Dollard
For the Times Herald-Record


Winter sowing is an outdoor method of seed germination that requires just two things: Miniature greenhouses (made from recycled milk jugs and various other containers) and Mother Nature. After planting in January-March, these mini greenhouses are placed outside to wait for winter to end.

Here are some suggestions for what to plant and when, based on zone 5b:

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Start your seedlings in Cardboard milk containers (Marty WARE)

I have a very valuable edition to our Newsletter today!

It’s all about raising seedlings.

Any type of seedlings really.

Before I direct you to the page I would like to provide a tip!

Start your seedlings in Cardboard milk containers.


Because these are recyclable.

They are inexpensive, you probably buy milk anyway!

They produce a nice long deep roots, which is vital for plant health.

You can poke a few holes in the sides, cut out the bottom and plant them straight into the ground or container with no shock to the roots what so ever!

I hope you enjoyed this tip.

Please now move onto the next part of the lesson!