Grow Transplants in Biodegradable Containers (Google Alert / Clean Air Gardening)

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Grow Transplants in Biodegradable Containers

October 4th, 2007 by kswanson56

If you decide to start your seeds indoors before gardening season, you can make transplanting them into your garden a bit easier if you grow the seedlings in biodegradable containers. Once it’s warm enough, all you have to do is plant the containers themselves in your garden rows. Biodegradable planters are made of material akin to thick paper, and will hold their rigidity long enough for you to plant them, though not much longer. As the season progresses, the organic containers will become soft enough for your plants to put their root systems through, and will ultimately break down into humus.

Making a mini greenhouse with kids (Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas)

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Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas

Making a mini greenhouse with kids

The kids were desperate to get their hands into some gardening yesterday, and I was only too happy to oblige. Our youngest boy had obtained some directions for making a mini-greenhouse from a milk bottle and had been bugging me all week to help him with it. I finally had some free time yesterday and the recycling bin hadn’t been emptied so we had a few spare bottles on hand.

Step 1

We started by cutting the bottom third of a 2L plastic milk bottle (you could use any plastic bottle) and added some potting mix to a knuckle length below the rim.

Step 2

Once the soil was in, it was time to sow the seeds. The boys decided to plant some chive seeds and the girls opted for coriander. Both seeds had been collected from our herb garden at the end of last season.

They scattered a few seeds on top of the soil and then lightly pressed them. Another layer of soil was then used to cover the seeds and then a final moisture add.

Step 3

The final step in the project is to fit the top portion of the milk bottle back over the bottom part. The plastic used in making these milk bottles is quite soft and easily malleable while some other bottles have more rigid plastic and will take some patience to fit it over.

Each of the kids then labelled their mini greenhouses and found a spot in the shed on the window ledge. Continue reading Making a mini greenhouse with kids (Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas)

New watering device for seedlings (Fresh as a daisy)

Congratulations for this splendid idea !

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Fresh as a daisy – the veggie garden experience

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bottle feeding the seedlings 

After the mould incident, I have made a new watering device to be able to water seedlings in the paper pots more accurately. A small hole made in the top of a plastic drink bottle, which when you hold it upright you can either let the water drip or squeeze the bottle to squirt water into the pot without drenching the whole thing. It works really quite well, I am pretty pleased with it.

Branding unintentional – any squeezable plastic bottle would obviously work just as well!

A simple device with dual watering technique – a slow drip or a direct squirt!

Vegetables in containers : peas and mangetout (Best Gardening)

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Best Gardening

Vegetables : peas and mangetout

Peas are fun to grow and taste delicious fresh from the garden

Peas in small spaces

Dwarf peas can be planted in a container and grown successfully. Snow peas and sugar snap are fun to try. Remember that peas need a cool, moisture retentive soil and plenty of water for the pods to fill. Although there is quite a lot of work for the size of the crop, peas are fun to grow and taste delicious fresh from the garden. Mange tout and sugar snap peas are best eaten whole, before the pods are swollen. Round peas are hardier than the other, and petit-pois are smaller and sweeter. Continue reading Vegetables in containers : peas and mangetout (Best Gardening)