Bamboo nursery with plastic bottles (Willem)

We intend to grow many young bamboo plants in a nursery in S.W. Algeria.  These plants will then go to the Sahrawis refugee camps, where they will be used to produce a dense living hedge around the small family gardens.  Thorny mahogany shrubs will also be used in the hedges.

I did some experiments with tiny little bamboo plants (pieces of rhizome of only 1-2 inches/2-5 cm), which I planted in plastic bottles (see different former messages on this blog to see how we prepare these bottles).

 Bamboo in a bottle  bamboos grow well in bottles  p1010327-crop.jpg

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)

This method to launch a nursery with plastic bottles has given already some remarkable results.  I am getting convinced that this will lead to a series of opportunities to grow young bamboo plants in bottles, that are very easy to transport to the plantation site (anyway, much easier than the classical black grow bags used in nurseries).

Moreover,  it is much easier to cut the bottle vertically without breaking up the rootball (one of the current problems for people in forestry).  We recommend to bury the two bottle halves in the plant pit to get rid of the plastic.  So, we will create living hedges and meanwhile take care of the environment by eliminating plastic from the surface.