Bright colors in winter containers

 Photo credit: 3 am growers

Brighten the Winter Landscape with Container Gardens


But sometimes landscapers need a pop of color to spice up their winter gardens. Tide yourself over during the season of landscape maintenance with bright container gardens for the home and garden.

Plant Trees in Container Gardens

Most trees planted in container gardens will eventually need repotting, but many species thrive until they outgrow their containers. Create focal points on patios, in courtyards, and even in the house by planting saplings in large pots. Make sure your chosen container is large enough that the tree can grow and wide enough to insulate the roots. Always make sure your container provides adequate drainage before planting your tree. Good plants for container gardening include:

  • Hollies
  • Evergreens
  • Boxwood
  • Dwarf camillas

Container Gardening with Flowers and Herbs

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Combine the colors

Photo credit: Container Crazy CT

One year, these three plants were used in two pots and the foliage rich result was eye-catching

Yellow shrimp plant with two companions make the perfect trio in two pots

Container Crazy CT
Container Crazy CT

Foliage Lasts Throughout the Season

One of the benefits of focusing on plants for their foliage features is foliage lasts throughout the growing season.  In many cases, annual plant blooms will wither away towards the end of the summer from heat exhaustion or repeat blooming.

So when you use foliage with a captivating thriller plant, like the yellow shrimp plant, you result with a stunning combination which is easy to assemble and maintain.


Echoing Foliage Colors

Notice how the dark purple plum like color (violet-red color on the color wheel) of the sweet potato vine’s heart shaped leaves are repeated in a band of the same rich purple plum color in the leaves of the Coleus ‘Kong Rose’ plant.

Repeating a color of one plant in another plant is a way to add impact to a design. This holds true in containers, patio pots, and in gardens of the ground.

Complementary Color – Yellow and Purple

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Gardening with containers (Google Alert / The Robesonian)

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Gardening with containers

By Michael Jaenicke – Features editorRED SPRINGS – Windy Locklear and Lucy Huggins hate weeds.

Huggins used to fight them when she planted flowers. Locklear battled them when she grew fruit and vegetables. Locklear’s dislike is deep-seeded. “I remember pulling weeds in my grandmother’s garden and thinking to myself, I never want to do this again in my life.” More than two decades later, she’s lived up to her words. Locklear and Huggins beat weeds as container gardeners. Continue reading Gardening with containers (Google Alert / The Robesonian)

Small flower garden entirely in containers (Technorati / Designing Web Success)

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Designing Web Success

The Birth of a Small Container Flower Garden

This is the first in a series of essays on how I am converting a small (12′ x 16′) yard in Cody, Wyoming (USA) from a barren wasteland of pea gravel and total shade to a useful summer room that is a delight to the senses. I am doing this from April to October, with a budget of about $100 (US) per month. Please come along with me on this journey. I expect it to be fun, educational, frustrating and I’ll love your company. Continue reading Small flower garden entirely in containers (Technorati / Designing Web Success)