Container, water, herb and grow-bag gardens (Google Alert / Indystar)

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July 21, 2007

Free your inner gardener almost anywhere


Herbs, vegetables and blooming plants can be grown in small spaces; author tells how it’s done.


Associated Press


Years of wearing out the asphalt, plodding between a fluorescent-lit office and a Formica-laden apartment, can make city dwellers feel more than a little removed from nature.

If your last dirt-beneath-the-fingers experience was being splashed by a bus driving too close to the sidewalk, it might be time to remember the therapeutic properties of gardening.

But for urban residents who fear that their minuscule or nonexistent yards rule out gardening, be encouraged: Big ideas can sprout in small spaces. Here are a few suggestions. Continue reading Container, water, herb and grow-bag gardens (Google Alert / Indystar)

Gardening with containers (Google Alert / The Robesonian)

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The Robesonian 

Gardening with containers

By Michael Jaenicke – Features editorRED SPRINGS – Windy Locklear and Lucy Huggins hate weeds.

Huggins used to fight them when she planted flowers. Locklear battled them when she grew fruit and vegetables. Locklear’s dislike is deep-seeded. “I remember pulling weeds in my grandmother’s garden and thinking to myself, I never want to do this again in my life.” More than two decades later, she’s lived up to her words. Locklear and Huggins beat weeds as container gardeners. Continue reading Gardening with containers (Google Alert / The Robesonian)

Herbs in containers on a balcony (Urban Grow)

I like the messages on the “Urban Grow” weblog very much. I am particularly interested in container gardening for its application possibilities in the drylands to help the rural people to food with a minimum of water. These contributions on the way vegetables and herbs can be grown on balconies or windowsills, are encouraging people to start gardening in the most difficult circumstances, e.g. in desertlike areas. Thanks for the support. I like to see more on the results obtained, so that we can stimulate the poor people living in harsh conditions.



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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why herbs on a balcony?

Balcony herbs
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Balcony herbs: Thyme, Purple Basil, Oregano, Lovage

Among many other uses, herbs have been very important part of culinary practice for ages and still are. The best way to add some real natural flavor to your food is to season it with some of your precious homegrown herbs. Most of culinary herbs are pretty easy to cultivate, so almost everybody can grow his/her own herb garden with minimum effort. The one thing these plants love is the sun, so make sure they have enough of it! And one more thing, herbs usually don’t require a lot of moisture, so there’s no need for every day watering. Balcony garden, container or a window box, it doesn’t matter, because there’s always a way to find some space for a couple of your favorite herbs. Continue reading Herbs in containers on a balcony (Urban Grow)

Organic Gardening In Containers (Technorati / Gerladina here)

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Gerladina here

Successful Organic Gardening In Containers

By Julie Williams

Space can be at a premium, especially these days when apartments and condos are so popular. A simple solution for those wanting to grow at least a few basic herbs and vegetables is to grow in containers. Maybe you dont have the time to maintain a large vegetable garden, or you have a physical condition that prevents you bending down or using the usual gardening tools. Whatever the reason, container gardening can be a great way to produce some of your organic food needs. While container gardening may have its limitations, there are some great benefits. Continue reading Organic Gardening In Containers (Technorati / Gerladina here)

Gardening common herbs (Technorati / Herb Gardening)

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Herb Gardening

Monday, 2 July 2007

Herb Gardening – Common Herbs – Basil, Dill, Lavender

Creating an herb garden is fun and practical. The aromas are wonderful, the view is beautiful, and many can be used as medicines or for cooking. Growing them is easy. They’re hardy and thrive well in all kinds of soils. But for optimal results, it’s helpful to keep in mind a few things about each specific one.
Continue reading Gardening common herbs (Technorati / Herb Gardening)

Tips for herb gardening in containers (Technorati / Herb Gardening)

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Herb Gardening

Monday, 9 July 2007

Herb Gardening – Container Gardening Tips

Container gardening can have a dozen advantages over ordinary, outdoor gardening. You can bring plants indoors for winter, or grow them in the house all year round. Soil control is surer, since nothing can get in the pot but what you put there. Light control is simpler – you can move a container into shade or put it near a window or under a lamp. But container gardening can be tricky. Nature does an excellent job of controlling moisture and nutrients, given good soil to begin with. Adjusting these and other factors artificially requires some care. That care starts with selecting the right plants. Fortunately for anyone interested in container gardening, there are a dozen herbs that will grow in pots of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading Tips for herb gardening in containers (Technorati / Herb Gardening)

Get hooked to container gardening (Google Alert / WTNH)

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Container gardening from Lifestyle Guru Mar Jennings

Containing gardening, it’s a simple thing to do, but it can add color, variety and texture to areas of your garden and yard. It’s something Lifestyle Guru, Mar Jennings learned at an early age from his grandmother. And Mar joined Good Morning Connecticut Weekend to talk about the joys of container gardening. Continue reading Get hooked to container gardening (Google Alert / WTNH)

Windowsill Gardening (Google Alert / Nevada Appeal)

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Nevada Appeal 

Windowsill Gardening

For The Associated Press

June 23, 2007

Parsley, basil, chives, mint, dill and cilantro are favorite windowsill growing options. All grow quickly, becoming usable when only a couple of inches high.

NEW MARKET, Va. – Live in an apartment long enough and you’ll eventually embrace that old adage about there being no place too small to fit a garden. Take windowsills: These narrow but generally sunlit spaces have been used as homes for plants ranging from African violets to dwarf evergreens and lemon trees. “You only need about 2 square feet,” said Sarah Carter, curator of herbaceous plants and outdoor gardens with the New York Botanical Garden. “Look at light conditions, humidity and temperature and then choose plants that fit rather than trying to get something to evolve.” Continue reading Windowsill Gardening (Google Alert / Nevada Appeal)