Gardening with kids : Hands-on Kits

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Gardening with Kids Store

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Hands-on Kits

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“Visit our online Gardening With Kids Store for an extensive selection of innovative and exclusive items that support gardening with kids. You’ll find tools for classroom projects and family gardens, and great gifts for gardeners of all ages. Educators tell us that outdoor classrooms are a priority. With a few permanent structures, your school can create a multi-functional outdoor garden site, where interdisciplinary learning thrives. Our online store specializes in structures, tools, accessories, and more to help you develop and expand your outdoor classroom or habitat.”

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Hydroponics in soda bottles (Kidsgardening)

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Floating Gardens and Soda Bottles

Sixth Graders Build Better Bottles

“After exploring soil and basic chemistry with my sixth grade team, we talk about plant needs,” reports Los Angeles, CA, teacher W. Alden Wright. Even in this urban school, it’s common knowledge that plants and soil go hand in hand. “So when I tell the students that, well, we’re not going to use dirt, they are absolutely disbelieving,” explains Alden. Water power, he tells them, will be the name of their game. Continue reading Hydroponics in soda bottles (Kidsgardening)