Vegetables in containers and gardens : growing from seed (Best Gardening)

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Growing from seed

Forget all those stories about seeds being hard to grow. Seeds are programmed to grow. The skills for growing seeds successfully are easily learned and equipment required need not be expensive. Sowing seeds is often thought of as a thing of the past. Punnets of pansies, lettuce and tomatoes are available easily and cheaply in the garden centres, why bother to sow your own? Well, quite apart from the satisfaction of watching seedling germinate and grow, sowing seeds saves money and makes a wider range of varieties available to the home gardener. Many heritage plants are only available as seed and it enables you to propagate more of your favourite perennials, annuals, vegetables and woody plants. Seed sowing is an all year activity, although spring is a time when we are busy planting both vegetables and flower seeds. In the colder months you can grow seeds indoors under cover ready for transplanting into the garden or for growing in tunnels or the greenhouse. Continue reading Vegetables in containers and gardens : growing from seed (Best Gardening)

Small space vegetable gardens (Bestgardening)

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Small space vegetables 

As city gardens become ever smaller, garden space becomes more and more precious. Once the norm, space for growing vegetables may seem just a dream. Yet salads, tomatoes, and other vegetables are so much better straight from the garden. Young, tender vegetables are prized, and so much better when there are only minutes between the garden and the pot or salad bowl. The process, from garden to table, is enjoyable and one of anticipation. There are lots of ways to introduce vegetables into the garden, especially as we can become more innovative in how we grow our veges.

Tips for Small Space Vegetables
Concentrate on growing only those vegetables that benefit the most from being picked fresh and take up a small space. Don’t grow plants that take up lots of space, have a long growing season or you don’t love to eat!  Grow vegetables that are hard to find and not usually on the supermarket shelves, and select varieties for superior taste rather than crop size. Small is definitely beautiful in a tiny vegetable garden. The largest tomatoes are not necessarily the best tasting. Vegetables suitable for small spaces are generally harvested when young and tender. Thus the growing season is shorter and plants can be cycled through faster. Baby cauliflower, finger carrots, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, there are loads of suitable seeds on the market today. Grow fewer vegetables of each type. In a large garden we can grow 20 celery plants, in a small space garden you may want to grow only half a dozen, and in a balcony garden two or three plants will provide fresh stalks for cutting. In courtyards and against a warm wall you can often get planting long before the soil in a traditional garden has warmed enough for planting out and seed sowing.
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Small space gardening (About: gardening)

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Small Space Garden Design: Small Vegetable Garden, Big Yield

Vegetable Gardening in a Small Space

From Marie Iannotti,
Your Guide to Gardening.

You don’t need a farm to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. You don’t really even need a garden. Plant breeders know that after taste, home gardeners want a high yield in a small space. So they’ve been developing more varieties that can grow in a small foot print or even live in containers all year long. Continue reading Small space gardening (About: gardening)