Grow fruits in container

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The Top 3 Container Garden Fruits

by Ronald A. Rowe


When it comes to container fruit gardens there are three tried and true best bets for the beginning gardener.  The most common is the strawberry.  Strawberries grow quite well in containers.  The smallish roots adapt well to being constrained and you even avoid some of the hazards of growing them in-ground.  Not all strawberry plants are alike.  Some will bear fruit only once a year, others provide multiple crops.  Some have large berries while others are tiny.  One type is not necessarily better than the others.  Choose the type that best suits your preferences but do be sure that you know what kind you are getting.

As is the case with most types of plants, the twin keys to healthy strawberry plants are watering and sunlight.  Full sun is the thing that strawberry plants crave.  Watering is a bit trickier.  Container strawberry plants need frequent, light watering.  Overwatering can lead to root rot but insufficient watering will cause the plants to sizzle in all that sunlight.  Frequent watering a little bit at a time is the way to go.

Second only to strawberries in the container fruit garden hall of fame is the blueberry bush.  Blueberry plants will grow larger and more product each year for several seasons.

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