You will love your broad beans

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Broad beans are easy to grow from seed

How to sow broad bean seeds


BROAD beans are easy to grow from seed and can be sown straight into the ground or under cover, depending on the season.

You can plant them outside before the soil gets too cold, in October and November, and once it starts warming up again in March or April, but during the winter months you can get ahead by planting seeds in modules and growing them in a greenhouse, coldframe or on a window sill.

It is also worth growing them in modules in March or April too, ready to plant out once they have put on a few leaves, so they don’t instantly fall victim to slugs and snails.

Just fill modules with seed compost, drench them in water using a watering can with a rose nozzle and once they have drained put one of the large seeds into each module, pushing it half way down into the moist compost.

If the drenching has made the compost more compact top it up, but you won’t need to water it for a day or two.

It’s a good idea to sow another lot of seeds about three or four weeks later, then more three or four weeks after that, so that the plants don’t all produce beans at the same time.

Sow up to a dozen seeds each time, depending on how much you like to eat broad beans.

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