Compost Tea At Home

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How To Make Compost Tea At Home

How to Make Compost Tea at Home – Gardening Tips at Home.>> Compost tea is already used as natural garden tonic since a long time ago. Compost tea can fertilize and improve the overall health of your garden crops. So in this article, I will share about compost tea recipe andhow to make compost tea at home.

How to Make Compost Tea

There are several compost tea recipes available around the world but basically there are two methods to make compost tea as follow:
1. Passive Compost Tea
Passive compost tea is the simplistic and most common used. To make compost tea using this method, just soak tea bags in water for a couple of weeks. The liquid is then used as fertilizer for plants.
2. Aerated Compost Tea 
Aerated compost tea is more costly and need more effort compared with passive compost tea. You will need some additional ingredients such as humic acid, kelp, and fish hydrolysate. Additional tool like air and/or water pumps is also required. However, making compost tea using aerated method give some advantages, it takes less brewing time so the fertilizer will be ready within a few days as opposed to weeks.


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