Meet the SimGar


New Container Garden Idea

SimGar revolutionizes the old garden box

Here’s a new garden idea that will help make you a master gardener fast.  SimGar – the Simple Garden – is a container gardening system that will have you harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables in no time. That’s because SimGar is patented; it isn’t just another garden box.  Among its many benefits is that it automatically provides the right balance of water, fertilizer and temperature needed to grow all your favorites:  tomatoes, garlic, herbs, strawberries…you name it, we even show you how to grow them.

SimGar PRO and UNO with decorator wrap

Solar Powered

Your first hint that this is a radically different kind of container garden design is the SimGar solar panel. The panel powers the LifeFlow Technology that keeps the soil cool and damp while maintaining ideal growth conditions for solar-panel-close-up.jpgherbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Providing this kind of consistency greatly reduces stress on your plants so they can grow big – and fast – up to 2x faster than competing container gardening options.