The right low maintenance techniques

Photo credit: Mother Earth News


Sustainable Low-Maintenance Gardening Ideas


Gardening doesn’t have to be constant hard work or cost a fortune. Yes, there are start up costs, and it is work, but with the right low maintenance techniques, you can put some of the more tedious chores — like watering — on autopilot.

Garden smarter, not harder—here’s how:

Use Rain Barrels

Choose Easy Plants to Grow.

Plant Perennials.

Container Gardening. If you’re short on time and space, consider container gardening or window gardens. Plant herbs from your kitchen window or grow tomatoes from your patio. Container gardening lets you avoid the tilling and overgrowth of weeds, too! Plus, you can have as many or as few container plants as your heart desires. You can make your own containers and raised bed planters from old doors or other odds and ends from around the house. And container gardening is also a great way to introduce gardening to children.

Baby those Seeds.

Recycle your Waste.


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