Neighbors and containers on a balcony

Photo credit: Mark Ridsdill Smith

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Rental inspiration: in an email message of Mark Ridsdill Smith


Sara Li (in London) and Sara Paasch Knudsen (in Copenhagen) recently shared their learning of growing on their rented balconies for the Vertical Veg Facebook Page – see posts 15 – 31 May. Highlights included Sara Li’s video about her windy balcony (love this!) and Sara PK’s story about growing with her neighbours (if you’re not on Facebook, you can also read her story at the bottom of this email.)

Neighbors – the joy of living in rented accommodations

By Sara Paasch Knudsen

“I live in a third floor apartment in central Copenhagen and Danish people in the city are not good at connecting with our neighbors. This changed for me last season because of my garden.

At the start of last season I found myself with an excess of plants; tomatoes, peppers and zucchinis. When you have a limited space; what do you do with them? I posted to my friends on Facebook and I got one garden convert out of it. A friend, who had not tried gardening on his balcony before, got a couple of tomatoes. He is now hooked and has been back for more plants this season. But I still had more plants left and I didn’t want to destroy them. So what to do?

I wrote a note one weekend offering free plants and hung it on the door to our third floor walkway. I thought maybe one person would come by and get a plant or two. Imagine my surprise when 3 of my 4 neighbors came by. After a talk they all walked out with plants and I now knew my neighbors a lot better than I did before. I even ended up plant sitting for those 3 neighbors during the holidays.

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