The pleasure of gardening in the city

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Everything You Need to Start an Organic Urban Garden

Low-maintenance gardens

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Drought-tolerant garden by Nico Oved

No Water, No Problem

These three fabulous low-maintenance gardens don’t sacrifice beauty, even if they do slash your water bill.

Garden design by Nico Oved -
Garden design by Nico Oved –

Compost Tea At Home

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How To Make Compost Tea At Home

How to Make Compost Tea at Home – Gardening Tips at Home.>> Compost tea is already used as natural garden tonic since a long time ago. Compost tea can fertilize and improve the overall health of your garden crops. So in this article, I will share about compost tea recipe andhow to make compost tea at home.

How to Make Compost Tea

There are several compost tea recipes available around the world but basically there are two methods to make compost tea as follow:
1. Passive Compost Tea
Passive compost tea is the simplistic and most common used. To make compost tea using this method, just soak tea bags in water for a couple of weeks. The liquid is then used as fertilizer for plants.
2. Aerated Compost Tea 
Aerated compost tea is more costly and need more effort compared with passive compost tea. You will need some additional ingredients such as humic acid, kelp, and fish hydrolysate. Additional tool like air and/or water pumps is also required. However, making compost tea using aerated method give some advantages, it takes less brewing time so the fertilizer will be ready within a few days as opposed to weeks.


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Herbs at home

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Your kitchen herb garden


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A Kitchen Herb Garden perfect for any backyard or deck.

Putting the garden together is rather easy and be customized many different ways. We chose to use galvanized containers because I have a lot of them – so many, in fact, I made a Christmas tree out of them. However, any selection of planters would work. We also used a small vintage door but that could easily be replaced with painted plywood or stained hardwood. Or, you could create something similar to this project.


4 containers

Door or plywood Wood for bracing

Screws and washers

Rocks for filler

Empty bottles and cans for filler

Potting soil

Herb plants of your choice

1. Drill Drainage Holes You want to drill holes in the bottom of your containers. Not only will this be beneficial for drainage for the health of your plants, allowing water to drain will also cut down on the weight of the hanging containers. We used a large drill bit and it went through quite easily.

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Containers for your herb garden

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Baskets and barrels {Source: Dot Com Women}

Herb Garden Inspiration & Ideas {Over 50 Pots, Planters, and Containers}

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Old Wheel Barrow Garden {Source: Feed the Body and Soul}   -
Old Wheel Barrow Garden
{Source: Feed the Body and Soul}


This weeks Saturday Inspiration post is packed with ideas for all types of mini herb gardens to get you thinking outside the planter box.

Recycled Beer Bottle Planters {Source: Design Sponge} -
Recycled Beer Bottle Planters
{Source: Design Sponge} –


Companion planting with herbs

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Tips On Companion Planting With Herbs In Your Garden

Companion planting with herbs will give some benefits for the plants themselves and power to help each other to grow and thrive. For example, companion planting your home-grown tomatoes with sweet basil will improve your tomatoes taste, companion planting some caraway plants throughout your garden will help to loosen the soil, or companion planting feverfew with your roses will also help to keep the aphids away. Certain herbs and other plants will do better simply by planting them nearby to each other but other herbs and plants should be kept far away. So you need to consider several factors when choosing companion plants for your herb garden.

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Meet the SimGar


New Container Garden Idea

SimGar revolutionizes the old garden box

Here’s a new garden idea that will help make you a master gardener fast.  SimGar – the Simple Garden – is a container gardening system that will have you harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables in no time. That’s because SimGar is patented; it isn’t just another garden box.  Among its many benefits is that it automatically provides the right balance of water, fertilizer and temperature needed to grow all your favorites:  tomatoes, garlic, herbs, strawberries…you name it, we even show you how to grow them.

SimGar PRO and UNO with decorator wrap

Solar Powered

Your first hint that this is a radically different kind of container garden design is the SimGar solar panel. The panel powers the LifeFlow Technology that keeps the soil cool and damp while maintaining ideal growth conditions for solar-panel-close-up.jpgherbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Providing this kind of consistency greatly reduces stress on your plants so they can grow big – and fast – up to 2x faster than competing container gardening options.