Grow your own carnivorous plants

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How to Grow Carnivorous plants | Care and Growing Information

Fancy about growing carnivorous plants? Well, in this article you’ll get basic and useful information on ‘how to grow carnivorous plants.’

Carnivorous plants growing information

Carnivorous plants are those plants that are capable of capturing and collecting the bodies of insects. Victims are small insects and crustaceans.

Carnivorous plants carry out photosynthesis process but due to the fact that they grow in poor soils that lacks nitrogen and other essential elements needed for proper development, they gain these elements by the bodies of insects they kill.

Carnivorous plants become dormant in winter in cold climate. This way they survive tough winters. Some of the plants simply drop off their leaves, while others show changes in foliage.

Benefits of growing carnivorous plants?

Species such as butterwort, drosera and pitcher can be grown as house plant. These rare plants looks beautiful and successfully lure and kill pesky house flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

How to Grow Carnivorous Plants

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